Prime Gaming: GTA 5 Online Subscriber Bonuses – All May Rewards

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Anyone who has subscribed to Amazon Prime gets numerous bonuses. This also includes rewards for selected games such as GTA 5 Online. It will be in May 2022.

Seattle – Fans are waiting for GTA 6. But until the next title from Rockstar Games is released, many are still spending their time with GTA 5 Online. Even after years, the multiplayer still offers enough variety and fun for many players. There are new updates every week featuring cheap cars and real estate and highlighting special jobs that pay extra money. Those who are also subscribed to Prime Gaming can collect additional rewards in GTA 5 Online. Fans will get these bonuses in May 2022.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto V
release September 17, 2013
editor Rockstar Games
series Grand Theft Auto
developer Rockstar North
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
genre Open world, action adventure

Prime Gaming: GTA 5 Online rewards in May – that’s in it

May’s Prime Gaming Rewards: Anyone who is an Amazon Prime subscriber gets numerous advantages. These include, above all, the fast premium shipping and of course the video offer. But there are also advantages for gamers that are automatically included in the subscription: Prime Gaming. The company recently announced that Prime Gaming is now offering Pokémon GO and that players will receive free items.

Prime Gaming: Collect GTA 5 Online Bonuses – All Rewards in May

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Anyone who plays GTA 5 Online has had advantages with Prime Gaming for a long time. In May 2022 there will once again be money for free. Prime Gaming players can pick up a whopping 400,000 GTA dollars this month. Unfortunately, there are no discounts on cars and real estate this month. Unfortunately, the $400.00 isn’t available in one fell swoop, but instead is bundled into weekly packages of GTA$100,000. Overall, the Prime Gaming rewards for GTA 5 Online in May 2022 are rather sparse. However, it is quite possible that the developer from New York will make room for new bonuses.

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Prime Gaming: GTA 5 Online rewards in May – how to redeem the bonuses

Redeeming Prime Gaming Rewards in GTA 5 Online: To redeem the Prime Gaming rewards for GTA 5 Online, it is not sufficient to be registered with Amazon Prime. Fans must also connect their Rockstar Social Club account to their Amazon account to receive the weekly rewards. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Link your Rockstar Social Club account to your Prime Gaming profile.
  2. Log in to the Social Club website a.
  3. Connect your Twitch account.
  4. You then need to link the account to your gaming accounts on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, or PC – depending on where you’re playing GTA 5 Online.
  5. Start GTA 5 Online and get your rewards every week.

You only have to do this once, by the way. Once all accounts are connected to Prime Gaming or Social Club, you will automatically receive Prime Gaming rewards. So you don’t have to redeem them every week or every month. If you need even more cash in the game, we also have a “GTA 5 Online Make Money” guide for you. It summarizes the 18 best ways to get cash fast.

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