PS Plus Premium omits an important feature for PS4 and PC fans from PS5 games

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the Switching from PS Plus started yesterday in the Asian region and a lot of information became known that Sony had not yet confirmed. So now we know it is at PS Plus Premium a feature for PS5 games will not exist.

PS5 games cannot be streamed on the new PS Plus

Sony has one new blog post published, who once again everything to Restructuring of PS Plus summarizes. It goes into some details that we didn’t know anything about before. Previously it was only known that PS Plus will offer premium streaming for most games – in addition to download (apart from PS3 games). But that’s exactly what will happen on PS5 games Likewise not work.

Because as Sony has announced, you can PS5 gameswhich are offered with PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, don’t stream. That’s not a problem for anyone with a PS5, as the titles can be easily downloaded and then work just like any other game.

But the big problem comes when its the better versions of the games or some PS5 exclusiveslike Returnal or Demon’s Souls, on the Play PS4 or PC want. Then streaming would be for that the only option been. Especially those who want a subscription but only own a PC will lose a big feature.

By PSNow At that time, all exclusives that were in the service could, for example, sometimes The Last of Us 2 counted, at least in the form of Streaming on PC be played. It will now still possible for PS4 versions be, but in the future it will be fewer and fewer PS4 games give and the Ports are mostly worse than the PS5 version. Likewise, anyone with a PS4 cannot experience the exclusive games without a new console – on the Xbox One that is possible via Game Pass.

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PS5 exclusives like Demon’s Souls will not stream on PC and PS4. © Japan Studio/Bluepoint Games

So Sony takes one of the for some customers most important features. It is currently not knownwhether that might be change again in the future could.

You can get a first overview of some games in PS Plus Premium here:

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