PS Plus: Sony blocks tricks from PS Now bargain hunters

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Can’t accumulate PS Now subscriptions after all

Sony is changing the contract terms of PS Plus and is causing trouble. Because collecting PS Now subscriptions for a cheap PS Plus membership is no longer possible.


PS Now and PS Plus are combined into one service.

Updated May 25, 2022

The new PS Plus has now started in Asia and the fears seem to be confirmed. Anyone who has purchased PS Plus subscriptions during a discount campaign must be loud there a Reddit post When upgrading to PS Plus Extra or Premium, you can now also pay the difference that was saved during the cheaper purchase.

In addition, only one upgrade is possible over the entire term that has already been completed. Anyone who has already bought PS Plus cheaply for several years as a precautionary measure must now also pay the full price for the upgrade for several years.

It is currently still unclear whether Sony will also adopt this upgrade policy, which cannot exactly be described as customer-friendly, for the launch in Europe on June 22nd. The conditions for a subscription change may be a bit more accommodating here.

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Original report from April 29, 2022

In June, the two Playstation subscriptions PS Plus and PS Now will be merged into a single, three-tier service. The two old services that are still open are to be included in the new offer. Previous PS Now subscribers would receive a PS Plus Premium membership for the rest of the time. The regular costs 17 euros per month, PS Now currently only 10 euros.

Resourceful bargain hunters have scented a clever trick here: Before the start of the new PS Plus service, accumulate as many months of PS Now as possible in order to then be able to use PS Plus Premium more cheaply over a longer period of time. A previous FAQ Sony has explicitly allowed this.

Now, however, the company has put a stop to the trick, like “Video Games Chronicle” reported. It is no longer possible to extend PS Now subscriptions. An error message is also currently appearing when activating credit cards. At a request from a user of the ResetEra forums Sony’s response is as follows:

“In this case, you will not be able to add the codes to the account at this time because we have disabled the option to redeem PS Plus codes. The option is temporarily disabled, so you will have to wait. We have no information on when the option will be available again is.”


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