Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: Rappers say “fair fight”, but the boxing world is ashamed

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The fight between Sinan-G and Bözemann occupied the streaming and rap scene at the weekend. Opinions on the fight in Hamburg differ widely.

Hamburg – The big Universum Fight Night took place last Saturday. Among other things, the two rappers Sinan-G and Bözemann fought. The fight was eagerly awaited and ended up being a real spectacle. That was not only because of the fight, but also because of the scenes outside the ring. There were wild fights there. The two blacks called the fight fair, while the boxing world reacted in shock.

events boxing match
counterparties Bözemann vs Sinan-G
Followers on Instagram 18,500 vs 383,000 (as of March 2022)
Monthly listeners Spotify 12,230 vs 162,100 (as of March 2022)
fight date May 21, 2022
live stream Universe Boxing on YouTube

Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: Opinions differ – was the fight fair?

What do the rappers say about the fight? On Twitch and YouTube Sinan-G commented extensively on the fight. Bözemann and his crew are “very fair, very friendly and very athletic” been. The rapper was grateful for the win and kept his promise that he would “Drink Bözemann’s blood” wanted to. In his Twitch stream, Sinan-G was enthusiastic about his performance. He commented on almost every shot he took. Bözemann, on the other hand, kept his statements covered.

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How did the boxing world react? Commentator Tobias Drews was shocked by what was happening around the ring even during the fight. Drews is an absolute legend in the sport of boxing and has commentated on numerous high-profile boxing matches. During the fight between Sinan-G and Bözemann, he was at a loss for words. He said he no longer wants to comment on the fight. In addition, the fight is aLow point in boxing“.

So opinions on the fight differ. While the rappers praised the fight and the crews, a boxing expert slammed the action around the ring. Sinan-G also commented on the conflicts and called for calm on both camps. There is “no hostilities between Albanians and Iranians‘ said the rapper.

Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: Rappers call it a “fair fight” – the boxing world is ashamed.

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Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: wild brawl next to the ring – what was going on?

These scenes occurred during the fight: Right at the beginning of the fight there were ugly scenes next to the ring. Spectators and people from the rappers’ crews clashed and fought wildly. Among other things, the rapper Ngee fought with a security employee. That went over the entire fight between the two rappers. At times the fight was even interrupted because many fans fled the hall. After a brief hiatus, the fight resumed and Sinan-G won via a technical KO

After the fight, Sinan-G’s crew broke all the dams and stormed the ring. Some spectators climbed through the ropes into the ring and were then, sometimes violently, pushed out of the ring.

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