Tanking has never been so fun as it is in V Rising – a tank build for solo leveling and groups

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V Rising offers you different ways of playing thanks to many skills. You can dish out damage, assist with healing, or keep enemies at bay as a tank. Here you can find a tank build. MeinMMO shows you skills, equipment, way of playing and why tanking as a vampire is really fun.

What build is this? We show you a strong tank build that focuses on V Rising’s shield skills and physical attacks.

This gives you a very mobile tank that heals itself, attracts the attention of opponents and can parry even strong attacks.

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V Rising: Tank Build – With a shield into the fun

How does the build look? We list you first the optimal equipment for the tank build:

basic building blocks

  • weapons
  • ring
    • health and/or movement speed
  • travel ability
  • Basic Ability
    • Unholy: Wall of the Damned
  • Blood Type: Barbarian

Variable building blocks

  • Basic Ability
    • Chaos: Chaos Barrier
    • Frost: Frost barrier
  • Ultimate
    • Chaos: Merciless Attack
    • Illusion: Spectral Guardian
  • blood groups

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How do I play the build? With the shield build, you’re always on the front line, trying to block as many attacks as possible with your shields and deal damage with your physical attacks.

Each parried attack deals damage or distraction to the opponent. The Wall of the Damned ability is perfect for this. Just about any direct hit to your shield creates a skeletal warrior that deals damage and draws attention.

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With the right timing and the enemy’s attack patterns in mind, you’ll often spawn 2-3 skeletons that will spark action on the battlefield. This is especially helpful solo, because not all enemies will attack you. But also in the group you relieve your team members of work.

The more enemies, the more damage your barrier abilities spread to enemies that want to get you. Or worse – your scrolls.

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Your “Blood Veil” travel ability and “Barbarian” blood type ensure regular healing. If you use the “Blood Veil”, the next hit on an enemy restores 5% health and is even a critical hit.

With Barbarian Blood you also have some lifesteal and every hit with the primary attack gives you back life. If you have really good blood, there is also a chance for even more healing and a buff to your movement speed.

Ax and scythe are great for the gameplay. Both weapons have a weapon ability that you can use to hit distant enemies like summoners or mages who don’t dare get that close or like to stand still for a few seconds to attack.

Whether ax or scythe is up to your preferences: The ax offers you a dash attack as a second skill, i.e. a kind of leap forward that also works well as an escape. The scythe has a 360° attack that knocks back enemies.

It is similar with your second magic ability as well as the ultimate – choose according to your preferences.

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With the “spectral guard” you are briefly invulnerable, the “merciless attack” stuns opponents and can also be a good escape.

With the second barrier, the choice is difficult. Hits either fire ice projectiles (Frost Barrier) or set enemies on fire (Chaos Barrier).

Be aware that with this build you are going completely on your physical abilities. Your damage comes from hits and skills with a scythe or ax – skills that rely on spell power are less effective.

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Why is tanking fun in V Rising? I like to play the tank. Whether in MOBAs like SMITE or in hero shooters like Overwatch – I find the constant balancing between aggression and restraint very satisfying.

Especially if you manage to use it to create an advantage for your team.

However, tanks often deal little damage while doing so, and the class tends to be ungrateful when it comes to picking a game’s MVP. Not so in V Rising.

You still have high damage, rely on movement speed and almost impenetrable shields. Such shield abilities often reduce your movement speed in other games. Not so in V Rising.

You have full speed despite your shield, which together with the active combat system makes tanking extremely fun. The travel skills also ensure that you can dodge quickly and even heal yourself.

This high level of mobility and the timing required when using the shield and travel abilities give you excellent opportunities for your tanking gameplay.

It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, you feel powerful, important, and sometimes even invincible. Very different from many other titles with the tank role.