Temtem: The “Pokémon MMO” has a release date

The PS5 version of the MMORPG Temtem has a release date.

temtem has an official release date. The full version of the game is scheduled for release on September 6, 2022 for the PC, the Playstation 5, the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series X/S come on the market. A Collector’s Edition with numerous goodies was also announced on the occasion. Previously, this was often found as “Pokémon MMOThe game described is still in Early Access and is extremely reminiscent of the Pokémon series not only in style, but also in terms of gameplay and structure.

Pokemon without Pokemon

Instead of the cute pocket monsters from Nintendo, in Temtem you have to capture the creatures of the same name and thus not become a “Pokémon master” but a “Temtem tamer”. Scattered across the six islands of the Flying Archipelago, the monsters are captured and used in well-known turn-based battles. The biggest difference to the “model” is the MMO focus represent.

You know Temtem (buy now ) fully experience with other players from around the world, as well as customize the in-game house and character in the world of Temtem. Accordingly, interest in Temtem was high a few years ago. In February 2020, Temtem was still in the top 10 of the stream sales charts.

Potential on the Switch?

After Pokemon Legends: Arceus To put it mildly, there was a mixed reception, there may be a gap in the market for Temtem. What is particularly interesting here is that Temtem will also appear on the Nintendo Switch.

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