Twitch: Fan starts petition against the slots streams

Twitch: Fan starts petition against gambling streams (2)

Gambling streams or “slots streams” are a hot topic on live streaming site Hundreds of thousands of viewers can watch how streamers gamble away millions of dollars a day. At the forefront is Twitch’s largest content creator xQc, who has repeatedly admitted to being addicted to gaming.

The fact that viewers could also become addicted to gambling is certainly in the back of the streamer’s mind, but by the absurd sums that xQc and Co. receive from gambling sponsors, morale seems to be gone. Although Twitch has already banned referral links and advertising for gambling sites in the past, it has not yet been banned entirely. Concerned viewers now have one petition startedcalling on Twitch to ban “unregulated” gambling streams from the platform

Petition against unregulated gambling on Twitch

Erin Jordan’s petition first appeared on May 20, 2022 on and urged Twitch advertisers to get the Amazon-powered platform to ban gambling streams. Notable companies that make the list include Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Uber.

Twitch: Fan starts petition against gambling streams (2)


The petition states: “Your advertisements on Twitch will be placed alongside Twitch streamers who promote unregulated online casinos that cause disproportionate harm to young viewers and minorities. As a result, they bring [ihre] Brand associated with these unregulated crypto casinos, which could have a negative impact on viewers.”

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A bad role model, especially for young viewers

According to the petition, promoting gambling streams can set off a chain reaction that can have devastating consequences. For example “6 to 9 percent of adolescents and young adults have problems related to gambling” and “1 in 5 gambling addicts will attempt suicide”.

The petition urges advertisers to “use their influence against Twitch” and calls for “an end to unregulated casino livestreams to protect the vulnerable.” With a few hundred signatures, the petition has already attracted some attention. However, it’s not yet clear whether Twitch or its advertisers will be responding to the document any time soon.