Twitch wants to solve its big ban problem, which fans and streamers have been regularly upset about for years

Twitch wants to solve its big ban problem, which fans and streamers have been regularly upset about for years

In the past, streamers have often complained about allegedly unfair bans. Twitch said in an interview that they want to become more transparent. MeinMMO reports what’s behind it.

What did Twitch say? Some streamers have complained that Twitch’s bans appear arbitrary or even contain double standards. This should now be offered unity, because in an interview with “The Washington Post‘ Angela Hession revealed that they ‘heard the concerns of the community’.

Hession is the vice president of trust and security at the livestream platform. She announced that the platform would like to give streamers more details about the ban reason.

She also said, “We’re looking at how we can include more detail for people to understand [warum sie gebannt wurden] – like the video itself. That’s something we’re definitely working on.”

What does that mean? Since Twitch already has the ability to create clips, the platform could insert a clip into the details of the ban and describe exactly what caused the ban in the snippet. Streamers could better understand what led to the ban and adjust the behavior.

Twitch has banned quite a few streamers over the years. In our video you can see 5 that caused quite a stir:

The 5 biggest Twitch bans that caused a lot of buzz

How is the announcement of the ban currently looking?

Twitch is currently sending out an email to the streamer as soon as they receive a ban. Usually these 3 things are explained there:

  • Reason for the ban, with a bullet point from the guidelines and examples.
  • Where the policy violation occurred.
  • How long the ban lasts.
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You can see an example in the tweet from Corinna Kopf, who was blocked because of her profile picture:

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Viewers can help block inappropriate behavior

How does it work? In the interview, Angela Hession also pointed out that Twitch recently introduced a better reporting system. It allows viewers to be more specific about why they want to report the streamer and why.

Where can viewers find the report system? There are three small dots under each live stream, if you click on them you can choose between “Report live stream” and “Report something else”.

You then have several options for choosing the reason for both options. You can also find a reason under “Report live stream” and write a text about it.

Under “Report Something Else”, viewers will also find the item “Behaviour outside of Twitch”. So if inappropriate content is being produced by the streamers on Twitter or other platforms that affects the live broadcast, that can also be flagged.

Finally, Hession affirmed that “it is their intention to make sure their community feels safe.”

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