V Rising: How to find cotton and turn it into cotton yarn

V Rising: How to find cotton and turn it into cotton yarn

Cotton Yarn and Cotton are needed in recipes from time to time in V Rising. Especially if you want to craft better equipment, you can make good use of cotton yarn. We at MeinMMO will show you how to get hold of the stuff.

Where do you find cotton? In order to be able to produce cotton yarn, you first need cotton. You’ll find that mostly in Dunley Farmland.

However, you can only mine cotton if you have merciless copper weapons. You get them when you have looted or researched the recipe for it.

Note that you get the garlic debuff as soon as you get close to a settlement or cotton field. It weakens you and you take more damage. Over time, the debuff becomes increasingly dangerous as it stacks.

How to make cotton yarn in V Rising?

First you must locate and defeat Beatrice, the seamstress in the village of Dawnbreak in east Dunley Farmland. Alternatively, you can follow their trail of blood at the blood altar to find them.

She is level 38 and not very difficult to defeat as she flees most of the time and doesn’t deal any damage to you. However, patrolling the area can cause trouble.

Beatrice gives you the necessary know-how for the loom and the cotton yarn. You must then place your cotton in the loom to create the desired cotton yarn.

How much cotton do you need? It’s best to stock up on cotton, as you need 20 pieces to produce 1 cotton yarn. However, you can reduce the cost to 15 cotton if you place a Tailoring Flooring.

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So you need a lot of cotton to make enough cotton yarn. You don’t have to go to the settlements and slaughter the hard-working people every time, because you can also grow your own cotton.

How do you grow cotton? Every time you harvest cotton, you have a chance to get corresponding seeds. You can then plant them at your base and harvest them diligently after they have grown.

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