V Rising: Offline mode coming via hotfix today

V Rising: Offline mode coming via hotfix today

With a new hotfix for V Rising, developer Stunlock Studios is bringing players an offline mode today.

According to the developers, the changes should already take effect. In the future, the developers will also be able to give players an advance warning of patches and hotfixes if they are currently playing on official servers.

How do you play V Rising offline?

If you want to use offline mode in V Rising, you must first go offline with Steam.

Then start the game and a server in LAN mode by selecting the appropriate box in the menu or by starting a server with the additional parameter “-lan”.

Other V Rising news:

If you want to connect to a server via LAN, select the option to connect directly to a server or use the “ConnectLan” console command.

The hotfix also adds three new console commands. This allows admins to damage or heal targets near their cursor. You can also influence the durability of worn items and turn the time forward by twelve hours.

Since its release on May 17, 2022 as an Early Access version, the game has already sold more than one million copies.


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