Which blood type do you prefer to drink in V Rising?

Which blood type do you prefer to drink in V Rising?

Blood types are incredibly important in the new survival game V Rising and give you special abilities. Which of them do you like best?

How blood types work: Since you slip into the role of a vampire in the new survival game V Rising, it only makes sense that you have to feed on the blood of your victims. The blood not only has the function of food, but also gives you special abilities and effects.

Different NPCs in the game are in different places and have different blood types to offer. As hungry vampires, it’s your job to find these NPCs and relieve them of a few liters of their lifeblood.

There are 6 blood types in total:

  • Creature blood makes you faster and more resilient
  • Worker Blood increases the amount of resources you get
  • Rogue Blood increases critical hit chance and speed
  • Warrior’s Blood makes you stronger and reduces weapon skill cooldowns
  • Barbarian Blood increases your self-healing and attack
  • Scholar’s Blood increases magic power and makes you a better mage

Blood types also come in different “purities.” The purer the blood of your victims, the stronger the buff effect you get from drinking.

Which of them do you enjoy the most?

How to vote: You can vote for your favorite blood type in the poll tool below. Remember that you can choose exactly one and the choice cannot be undone.

Then fill your glasses and tell us: Which blood types do you think are the best in V Rising? Do you commit to a blood type and don’t change it, or do you always try to drink the right blood according to the situation? Tell us in the comments.

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Have fun voting!

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