Windows 11 patch KB5014019: Optional update brings new features and bug fixes

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Spotlight and no more app crashes

A new update is available for Windows 11. Patch KB5014019 brings dynamic background images with Spotlight. There are also bug fixes for annoying problems.


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Windows 11 offers you a new optional update.
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At the end of the month there will be a new optional patch for Windows 11. Download KB5014019, which brings new features and various bug fixes, is available via the update settings. After an installation, the operating system build has the version number 22000.708. A new feature worth mentioning is Spotlight, which has been around since Windows 8 and brought dynamic background images for the lock screen. Now the whole thing is also available for the desktop, i.e. in live operation. Windows automatically obtains high-resolution wallpapers from Bing and sets them up as the desktop background. Another feature worth mentioning are changes in the verification settings for family options.

Windows 11 – and also Windows 10 – have been struggling with app crashes in the past few weeks. One keyword was apps that use certain “.NET Framework 3.5” modules or combinations of programs and certain graphics cards that are supposed to work in Direct X 9 mode. Microsoft now wants to get these problems under control. It also solves MS Visio search related display errors, changing screen brightness, printer errors and more.

The patch notes of KB5014019 for Windows 11 contain further improvements and problem solving. Black screens that have recently occurred should no longer occur after logging in and out of Windows, just like encryption errors with BitLocker if you had activated the silent mode for the security feature. Also, Windows Defender could show false positives when working with scripts. Long boot times should be a thing of the past thanks to an update of the TPM driver, as well as widgets that were unwantedly displayed on the wrong screen.

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More points from Patch KB5014019 can be found on the Microsoft website. The patch is downloaded and installed manually via the Windows update settings. Alternatively use the Windows Update Catalog. The counterpart of the patch with bug fixes for Windows 10 is still a long time coming, but is already available for insiders.

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