WoW 9.2.5 PTR: Bug allows cross-faction guilds to be created

In a cutscene before Shadowlands, Genn watched his king being kidnapped.

from Sebastian Glanzer
Cross-faction guilds were actually excluded from Blizzard in patch 9.2.5 of WoW: Shadowlands. Due to a bug on the test realm, guilds with followers of Horde AND Alliance can still be created. So the technology is there. Do we see a reversal in cross-faction guild restrictions after all?

With Patch 9.2.5 of WoW: Shadowlands Horde and Alliance are allowed to play together in instanced content for the first time. Cross faction play but will not lead to the fact that guilds can be founded across factions. Or is it? WoW content creator MrGM found a way to do this on the patch 9.2.5 test realm.

He went to Torghast with his blood elf character and invited alliance players. These could be about his guild charter join the guild. This is usually how guilds are formed. However, this was not possible outside of instantiated content. So, in theory (with some trickery), cross-faction guilds work. That would be a real benefit for cross-faction play, otherwise players would have to organize themselves across dozens of communities, which wouldn’t be particularly user-friendly.

That’s what Blizzard says about cross-faction guilds

“Guilds will continue to belong to only one faction, and random activities such as heroic dungeons, skirmishes, or random battlegrounds will all belong to the same faction (partly because there is less faction coercion with random groups, and partly to avoid opt-in character of the feature by randomly putting a queued orc into a party with a night elf).”