X670(E): New motherboards for Ryzen 7000 announced

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ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI

The “Big 5” have announced their high-end mainboards for AMD’s CPU generation Ryzen 7000 and the new AM5 socket. These mainboards with X670(E) chipset appear.


The MSI Pro X670-P Wifi, MEG X670E Ace and MPG X670E Carbon Wifi motherboards
MSI’s new X670(E) motherboards
  • After AMD officially presented its new socket AM5 and the associated chipsets at the start of the week, the first manufacturers have now also presented suitable mainboards for the next Ryzen generation. At the top are models for the two chipsets X670 and X670E, which are particularly exciting when overclocking.

We summarize which models the “Big 5” consisting of the manufacturers ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI have in hand at the start.

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ASUS motherboards for X670(E)

Asus has announced that it will release five different product lines for Ryzen 7000: Asus Prime for performance optimization, Asus ProArt for content creators, Asus TUF Gaming for budget gamers, and Asus ROG Gaming and Asus ROG Crosshair for overclockers.

So far, however, only one concrete model has been shown:

  • Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme.

ASRock Motherboards for X670(E)

ASRock starts with three series for Ryzen 7000. Mainboards from the series ASRock Pro for beginners, ASRock Steel Legend as mainstream series and ASRock Taichi for the enthusiast area are already known.

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The concrete models known so far are as follows:

  • ASRock X670E Pro RS
  • ASRock X670E Steel Legend
  • ASRock X670E Tai Chi
  • ASRock X670E Taichi Carrara

The Taichi Carrara as a special edition stands out from the standard model with its marbled look.

Biostar motherboards for X670(E)

The smallest of the “Big 5” has only presented one model for AM5 so far. Not much is currently known about other series that follow. The following is considered to be set:

Gigabyte mainboards for X670(E)

Gigabyte has four series for Ryzen 7000: Ultra Durable, Gaming, Aero for content creators and AORUS for enthusiasts.

Known models are as follows:

  • Gigabyte X670 Pro AX
  • Gigabyte X670E Aero D
  • Gigabyte X670E AORUS Master
  • Gigabyte X670E AORUS Xtreme

MSI motherboards for X670(E)

MSI also names four mainboard series that will support Ryzen 7000. Sorted by features, these are MSI Pro, MAG, MPG and MEG. The following models are already known:

  • MSI Pro X670-P Wifi
  • MSI MPG X670E Carbon Wifi
  • MSI MEG X670E Ace
  • MSI MEG X670E Godlike
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