Stray: Possible release date for cat adventures leaked

Stray: Release period for the cat adventure official (1)

Stray could am July 19, 2022 come on the market. At least this is the date that appeared in a Playstation database according to Playstation Game Size. Of course, it is questionable whether it is not just a placeholder for the actual release date. After all, there are always reports of allegedly leaked release dates, which turn out to be placeholders. For example, the leak of a Steam database at the end of March made numerous possible release dates known, including that of Frostpunk 2. But here the studio confirmed that the specified date is a placeholder.

Release period summer 2022

At the same time, July 19, 2022 would certainly fit into the release period that Sony itself recently announced. At the end of April it was announced that Stray should be released in summer 2022. However, Sony has not yet officially confirmed July 19th. Maybe Sony will confirm the date during the next State of Play, which will take place on June 2nd.

What is Stray?

Stray is from Blue Twelve Studios developed and intended on the personal computer, the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4 appear. The third-person adventure sends you as a cat through a city with a cyberpunk scenario, in which you have to survive. In the course of time you will meet the Drone B12, which will accompany you in the game and be at your side from this point on. In our preview we talked extensively and quite positively about the first impressions from the game.

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