Perfect healer build in V Rising keeps your friends alive, makes you a favorite in every group

V RIsing Wisp Dance spell

V Rising relies on an active combat system in which the opponents want to piss you off just as much as you want to piss them off. So that a mistake doesn’t blow your lights out immediately, you need one thing above all: healing. MeinMMO shows you which skills and equipment you need to play the perfect healer build – for solo players and groups.

What build is this? After showing you just how fun getting beat up can be with our tank build for V Rising, today we show you our healer build.

The build is primarily based on restoring life points for you and your group. In addition, you have the opportunity to avoid damage and keep yourself as safe as possible.

As a healer, you’re at your best when you’re farther away from the group and enemies, keeping your fellow players protecting you alive.

However, the healer build also works great solo, as you can blast out massive amounts of magic damage and heal yourself at the same time.

Everything you need to know about V Rising can be found here in 2 minutes:

All information about the new vampire survival MMO “V Rising” on Steam – in 2 minutes

V Rising: Healer Build – Those who live longer have longer friends

How does the build look? Here you can see at a glance what equipment you need – we explain the exact way of playing and details below.

basic building blocks

  • weapons
    • crossbow, scythe or mace
  • jewelry
    • critical spell hit chance and/or cooldown
  • travel ability
  • Basic Ability
  • blood type

Variable building blocks

  • travel ability
    • Chaos or Bone Veil
  • Basic Ability
    • Unholy: Purgatory
    • Illusion: will-o’-the-wisp dance
  • Ultimate
    • Blood: Crimson Ray
    • Illusion: Spectral Guardian

How do I play the build? The most important thing first: You can only heal as many life points in battle as are left with your healing goal. If you take damage in V Rising, you lose a percentage of your life points over time. This is indicated by an almost black color on the life bar.

The black part of the life bar can otherwise only be regenerated outside of fights – with items, over time or the vampire ability “Blood Healing”.

Unlike tanks, as a healer you are not far ahead, but as far back as possible. You only use your weapons when really necessary and otherwise use magic as much as possible.

Blood Coil heals each ally hit for 100% of your spell power and yourself for a fraction of it. However, you must aim well, because enemies can also be hit, but take damage. You are always healed, which makes the skill a top choice solo.

If you play more often in groups or against many opponents with few life points, purgatory is worthwhile. This heals allies in an area and deals damage to all enemies at once. This is how you heal multiple targets at once.

Enemies hit with Wisp Dance deal less damage. While this isn’t a direct heal, it is indirect, since after all you’re preventing damage that would otherwise get through.

Dance of the Wisp summons dancing wisps around you, damaging and weakening enemies.

Trick for pros: use will-o’-the-wisp along with illusion veil. Activate the dance and jump into enemies, weakening them and reactivating the dash to get back to safety. So you are not in the danger zone for long, but help your team.

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When choosing a weapon, you should use the crossbow in a group. This can do a lot of damage from a distance while your friends stop the enemies for you and you wait for your spells.

The scythe and mace can be used to hold off enemies who get too close, making them an ideal choice of secondary weapon.

Finally, with your ultimate, you can choose between the Spectral Guardian and the Crimson Ray. The Guardian creates a shield on all allies while active. Perfect for blocking predictable damage.

The beam heals all allies in a straight line, damages enemies, and can be refocused. This is ideal when you need to save the lives of friends in a sticky situation while eliminating many enemies at the same time.

Because the healer build relies heavily on spell power, you’re also a powerful mage. Healing and damage are equally affected by the attribute, which means you can dish out spells like Shadow Bolt properly.

You are not as helpless as healers in MMOs, but you urgently need the very rare scholar’s blood.

Personal conclusion: Healing is war!

V Rising is a huge hit for developers on Steam. Within a week, the indie studio has sold over a million copies and tens of thousands of players gamble regularly. The vampire setting seems to really inspire. In addition, V Rising offers a lot of playing time, as one player has already found out:

Since the release, the player has been playing V Rising for almost 9 hours a day – he has achieved that