Veteran Games Podcast #270: Sol Cresta – News

Veteran Games Podcast #270: Sol Cresta - News


Platinum Games’ shoot-em-up evokes strong retro memories. But before the game veterans get the retro kick, they naturally talk about current topics.

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Sun in your heart and lots of shots on the screen, the action eccentrics from Platinum Games have released a new shooter with a strong retro vibe. Sol Cresta is the continuation of a series that began in the arcades of 1980. In seven levels, we diligently change our ship configuration in order to be able to cope with the numerous opponents and to rake in points. It’s a good thing that classic shoot ’em ups are one of the guest veteran’s favorite genres Belong to Thomas Nickel. How does the manic bullet hell specialist and pixel player classify the new Cresta, which other modern shooters with arcade charm does he recommend? Before we take on the Mandler forces with our solar recapture squad, there are news reports, game reports and listener mail at the beginning of this episode.

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0:00:15 News & small talk

0:43:41 The new game: Sol Cresta.

  • 0:44:02 The Cresta backstory: The series started in 1980 with Moon Cresta1985 came the graphically and playfully pimped-up successor Terra Cresta to the arcades.
  • 0:52:02 Platinum Games announced Sol Cresta with an April Fool’s Day video. In the meantime, the first title of the “Neo Classic Arcade Series” has really appeared.
  • 1:02:25 With a cool slow motion effect, we rearrange our three ships to activate different types of shots and super weapons.
  • 1:11:30 Sol Cresta has its qualities, but there are also cheaper shooters with a classic arcade flair, for example Andro Dunos 2, Sky Force or Jamestown.
  • 1:20:58 Press review and veteran conclusion.
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1:33:05 Credits