Warzone: The most popular weapon in Season 3 Reloaded is from Vanguard

Warzone: The most popular weapon in Season 3 Reloaded comes from Vanguard

Season 3 Reloaded recently started at Warzone and brought with it all sorts of weapon changes. Find out here which ratchet is the most popular.

Santa Monica, California – Warzone, Call of Duty’s in-house battle royale, recently launched Season 3 Reloaded with the traditional mid-season update. Among other things, this brought a new weapon into play, but also tons of changes to the weapon balance. There were numerous nerfs. Which gun do the players prefer to use afterwards?

name of the game Call of Duty Warzone
Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publishers Activision
series Call of Duty
developer Raven Software
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter, battle royale

Warzone: Season 3 Reloaded – This weapon is currently the favorite to be played

Where does the data come from? The information comes from the well-known and very popular site wzranked.com (As of April 27, 2022). There, relevant data from various sources such as tracking websites or official pages and around Call of Duty are recorded and analyzed and then presented in an easily accessible form (tables and graphs). You can also do your own calculations there.

Although wzranked can currently only openly read data from around 6 – 7% of all Warzone players, that’s still several million users. The information there is therefore quite accurate and representative of the current status quo in Warzone.

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This weapon is about: After Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update, the STG44 embodies the current most popular choice of players. The assault rifle from Vanguard is currently enthroned by a wide margin at the top of the most popular picks in Battle Royale. Almost 15.66% of the evaluated players rely on this weapon. For comparison: with the MP-40, which comes in second place, it is “only” 7.57%.

Warzone: The STG44 is one of the strongest weapons in Battle Royale – and currently the most popular

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This is what makes the weapon so popular: The STG44 is currently the best and most versatile all-rounder. In addition, the assault rifle is at the forefront of the current meta. After all, the weapon is not so popular just for fun or because of its looks.

Not too long ago, the STG received decent buffs, it plays excellent at close and medium range, but can also be at the forefront at long range. The weapon is already strong by nature, has an easily controllable recoil and is quite accurate. With the right attachments, their strengths can be further expanded.

In short, if you are looking for a powerful, effective weapon for the Call of Duty battle royale, the STG44 is THE top choice – whether in the hands of a beginner or an advanced player. So be sure to try it out if you’ve been neglecting this ratchet so far.

Warzone: Season 3 Reloaded has started and brought with it all sorts of changes and innovations

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Warzone: More on Season 3 Reloaded

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