Battlefield 2042: Season 1 content leaked

Battlefield 2042 is slowly but surely after the disastrous release in the sinking disappeared. The first-person shooter from dice and EA at no time, since November the developers have been trying to turn the game into one better condition to patch. With the first season should then be turned around in June.

Of the missing content was one of the biggest criticisms of “Battlefield 2042” from the start. The fact that the first season is now only appearing seven months after the release also caused outrage. thanks one dataminer we now at least know with a high degree of probability what to expect.

Battlefield 2042 Zero Hour: New Specialist and Helis

The Twitter user temporal has focused on that data mining Specialized in Battlefield 2042. He searches the Source code of the title for references to content that is not available in the game. The necessary data is often already in the code before it is published. This also applies to the content of Season 1.

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The players are therefore expected Evelina Lis a new specialist from Poland. It bears the nickname “Guardian of Gdánsk” and probably offers one Rocket launcher with guided missiles.

The update will also include a new map supply with suitable modes. The new map exposure probably comes up with a deep valley and therefore many differences in altitude. You can use the playlists to quickly familiarize yourself with the new environment Exposure Conquest 24/7 and Exposure Mayhem to use. With them you only play the new map, either in conquest mode or with changing modes.

With Zero Hour two new helicopters also find their way into the game. At the RAH-68 Shoshone and the KA-99 Hannibal it is about stealth helicoptereach offering space for a pilot and a gunner.

Battlefield 2042Battlefield 2042 loses its 128-player Breakthrough mode, a good decision?

Finally, a Battle Pass made available. A price is not yet known here, but there will be two options. Either the pure access to the pass or a variant in which you four exclusive rewards gets and right on level 20 in the Battle Pass jumps.

What do you think of the new content? Will you give “Battlefield 2042” another chance or are you still actively playing it? Write it to us in the comments!

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