Crusader Kings 3: Fate of Iberia expansion has been released

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The already extensive grand strategy epic Crusader Kings 3 (from 35.99€ at buy) will be even bigger. With Fate of Iberia, Paradox Interactive is releasing a so-called Flavor Pack that focuses on a new location: the Iberian Peninsula.

The region, torn between Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages, offers a lot of historical context for exciting Crusader-Kings campaigns between the Moors and Reconquista, Spain and Portugal. And like the Flavor Pack Northern Lords, Fate of Iberia introduces new game mechanics that also playfully flank the conflict on the Iberian Peninsula.
The new, freely configurable “struggle system” is intended to represent historical conflicts in Crusader Kings 3 differently than before. In addition, players can choose even more clearly between conquest or reconciliation – to unite Spain, or to settle reasonably peacefully.
There are also new cultural traditions and two fresh legacy trails that emphasize the historical context of the Iberian Peninsula. Also new are some dynamic historical events. Some of them revolve around the conflict on the Iberian Peninsula, while others are intended to provide more variety for all players.

Speaking of all players, Fate of Iberia also includes a free update for all Crusader Kings 3 owners. There is a new faction type, vassal contracts for clans, faith leaders that can be shared by different religions, and a new game starting point, the Iberian Highlighting characters for the 867 start date in the first phase of the Reconquista.

The new character graphics, clothing, hair and hairstyles that are being introduced in Crusader Kings 3 and are intended to visually bring the culture and traditions of the Iberians to the fore remain subject to a charge.
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Fate of Iberia is available for €6.99. However, the Flavor Pack is also included as part of the Crusader Kings 3 Expansion Pass and in the Crusader Kings 3: Royal Edition.