Destiny 2 removes a popular tip loot trick – “Why fix something everyone liked?”

Destiny 2 removes a popular tip loot trick - "Why fix something everyone liked?"

The new season of Destiny 2 brings a new dungeon. But players have found that you can easily bag more top loot than Bungie intended. Now the developers are reacting with a fix – and thus causing discussions in the community.

With the start of the season of the haunted came the new dungeon duality in Destiny 2. However, attentive guardians immediately noticed a small bug that was immediately attractive to many.

If you’ve played this mini-dungeon on the Grandmaster difficulty master, you’ve been able to bag really good equipment every time. Normally this only works once a week per character.

So this exploit has significantly streamlined the leveling grind in the new season, but it was never intended that way. That’s why Bungie has now intervened. As they explain in a tweet, this bug has been removed:

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But this move has sparked heated debates. Because although some players even understand the intervention of the developers, they think that this exploit has done the game good.

This trailer shows you what awaits you in the new dungeon:

Destiny 2 shows new dungeon in exciting trailer – “I am the end”

“Please make this a feature in the future.”

After Bungie fixed the bug, there will no longer be repeated top loot drops per character per week. Instead, there is only powerful equipment, which is only partially helpful when grinding to the level cap of the season.

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Community reactions to this fix have been mixed. Some see this purely negatively:

  • “Why fix something everyone obviously liked?” – @Praeyx on Twitter
  • “You guys really fixed a ‘problem’ that was actually a fix for the repetitive leveling grind? Playing hard content rewards players accordingly, please make this a feature in the future.” – @demonjoeTV on Twitter
  • “Not a single soul on the planet likes the current leveling process, give players something else to do for once.” – @styx_d2 give up Twitter

However, other players show understanding and see this as an opportunity for Bungie to intentionally improve leveling.

  • “[Der Bug] is unhealthy for game progress. I agree the grind is repetitive but there are most likely better ways to fix this than just farming top loot from normal encounters.” – @B3TRa1 on Twitter
  • “I can understand why this was fixed. It wasn’t intentional. But I think this is a good learning opportunity, that maybe farmable pinnacle loot would be healthy for the game?” – @TSDKSecond on Twitter

While not everyone agrees on every point, it’s obvious that most of the community didn’t think the change was a good thing. However, some guardians also hope that Bungie can test alternative level systems in the game.

It’s only a matter of time before players find out if the developers actually want to change anything in the long run – and if so, how.

What do you think of this step? Do you think leveling in Destiny 2 needs an overhaul? Tell us in the comments.

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