Division 2 brings new mechanics after 2 years – But it’s so broken that a partial rollback has to come

Division 2 bringt nach 2 Jahren neue Mechanik – Aber sie ist so kaputt, dass ein teilweiser Rollback kommen muss

The Division 2 recently released Season 9 and has been introducing a new mechanic for over 2 years: Expertise. With a little effort, pieces of equipment can be further improved – through XP or material donations. But there was an error and now there is a “feature rollback”.

The Division 2 has a sworn fan base that, even 2 years after the last big DLC, spends a lot of time in the loot shooter. For these loyal fans, the game goes on. Recently there was even a major update with Season 9.

That’s where a new mode came into play, Countdown, but also fresh bosses for the Manhunts and a leveling mechanic for gear – Expertise.

And it is precisely this expertise mechanic that now causes stress. The developers explain that players have already reached a level of expertise that is far too high. Now there’s a partial “feature rollback” – progress is recalculated and players are getting material compensation to compensate.

How does the expertise system work? All gear in The Division 2 now has a “Proficiency” level. The proficiency of the parts can be increased through kills or material donations. Each increase in proficiency gives you a point for your expertise level.

If you have leveled a piece of equipment to proficiency, then you can upgrade the piece with materials. For example, each level gives you +1% armor for armor parts.

However, a part that is at proficiency level 10 can only be upgraded until your expertise level is reached. So the more proficiency you have, the higher your expertise level and the higher parts can be upgraded.

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Kill XP was too strong with new mechanics

What was the problem? The developers explained that there was an error in the calculation of kill XP. Compared to players who have leveled a lot through donating materials, people have progressed much further through kill XP.

The following developer post can be found on Twitter:

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In a nutshell: Actually, the expertise level in Season 9 should go up to level 20 at most. But due to the XP error, some agents have already leveled up to 30 or even higher.

That would break the balance in the game in the long run. Therefore, the progress is recalculated.

This “feature rollback” then particularly affects the items that are already over level 20. Because they are reset to the max level 20.

By the way, we recently talked about Division on our podcast:

To compensate the players, the developers distribute SHD boxes, i.e. loot boxes. They should provide materials that guarantee a certain compensation for the effort.

However, the collected player data does not show that everyone gets back exactly the resources that were used.

However, the little blunder shouldn’t affect the hardcore fans too much. The fact that Division 2 continues at all and even gets new content is a very positive thing for many.

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Because the loot shooter is still worth it: “Still one of the best games for me” – why shooter fans should catch up on The Division 2