Elden Ring Official Game Guide Announced!

Elden Ring - Second entry into Nokron

games from FromSoftware are known to throw the player in at the deep end and some secrets to accommodate. Elden ring makes no exception and the open world naturally invites you to do so everywhere Secrets and Dungeons to hide.

So far, it has not been possible to say with certainty whether it really has all the little nooks and mysteries of the world have been explored. But that will probably come to an end soon: That official guide about the game has been announced and should still reveal some surprises for us!

What does the Elden Ring Strategy Guide offer?

As you might have guessed, the solution book will not just be a small booklet. On the contrary, there will be one massive book with 592 pages.

For comparison: The solution book for the huge game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes along with 512 pages while Dark Souls (Remastered) is 448 pages. But more is always possible – Skyrim even manages to about with his walkthrough 1120 pages.

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The Elden Ring guide is scheduled for release on July 22 this year.

And what’s in it?

  • Detailed Maps of all areas with locations of items and bosses
  • cards from everyone dungeonsincluding those not visible in-game
  • Detailed Explanation of the combat system
  • tips for Fighting the bosses with explanations of each main attack, effective attributes, and abnormalities
  • information about Appearance of NPCsespecially those that only spawn under certain circumstances
  • Supporting flow charts about plot, NPCs and finding items
  • Explanations to statusthe effects of various anomalies and the Strength of weapons and relics
  • Various dates, including the final ones Weapon upgrade parameters, warfare techniques and performance of relics
  • And a lot more little information about “Elden Ring”!
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Complete solution not yet available in German

So far, however, the solution book has only been opened Japanese and also only for Japan announced. Whether a release beyond the borders is planned has not yet been mentioned.

Considering the huge large player base of “Elden Ring” but it seems quite likely that the book as well in English made its way to Europe and may also find its way into the German book trade.

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