Fable 4: Forza Tech Engine Reportedly Having Trouble

Fable 4: Forza Tech Engine Reportedly Having Trouble

The ForzaTech engine is said to cause problems in the development of Fable 4.

The Playground Games team reportedly encountered obstacles in the development of Fable 4. So there should be problems with the ForzaTech engine. This was previously used for the Forza Horizon games and is therefore mainly intended for the implementation of racing games.

As Gaz from Game on Daily’ claims on Colt Eastwood’s XNC Podcast, the game had to be downscaled. There is therefore a lack of expertise in the field of open world gameplay and its corresponding mechanics. The latter had to be developed internally.

Nevertheless, according to Gaz, there is no need to worry. However, the game is probably not as advanced as one might suspect, which means that the release could still be a long way off.

Playground Games reacted to the alleged problems quite quickly. Senior Producer Amy said that scoping is a normal process when developing a video game.

It would also ensure that the team can focus on a clear vision with the time available. Delays and crunch phases could otherwise occur if you don’t plan properly.

“I wanted to clarify something about scoping: it’s a normal, necessary, and healthy part of game development. I can guarantee that every single AAA game you have ever played has been scoped regularly during development.”

“This is to ensure the team is focused on a clear vision and can develop the game in the time they have available without destroying themselves. There are often delays and bottlenecks in games that are not planned correctly – both of which we should avoid if possible.”
Role-playing games in particular can contain a variety of mechanics, functions and content. Sometimes you might just want too much for the moment and you have to make adjustments to meet schedules or to avoid jeopardizing your own health.

Amy didn’t go into the alleged problems with the engine and it’s to be hoped that the engine itself won’t become a big problem.

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