Fortnite: This is how you quickly level up your Battle Pass in Season 2 before the world ends

fortnite bargain hunting gold

In Fortnite, it’s not far to the end of Season 2 and the upcoming live event. Many players are eagerly awaiting the final showdown between the Seven and IO, but others are still trying to complete their Battle Pass. MeinMMO shows you three methods that give you a final Boost XP boost.

How much time do I have left? You don’t have much time if you want to complete the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass or earn the perks. The Collision Live Event will take place on June 4th, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. (German time). So don’t plan anything that evening if you want to be part of the live event.

Experience has shown that the servers will be switched off after the live event and a timer will then mark the start of the new season 3. A start on June 5th would be possible, but nothing has been confirmed yet. After the live event, you will run out of time and the Battle Pass will be locked in the vault.

3 things that will give you a quick XP boost

So that you can quickly donate a necessary XP boost to your Battle Pass, we have 3 methods for you that can quickly give you a big nudge.

1. Bargain Hunting Week

Your gold bars will soon be worth nothing – spend them!

What is this for a week? Since your gold bars are destroyed at the end of each season, Epic Games is reducing all prices in Fortnite. In addition to the price drops, you will receive quests that revolve around spending gold.

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These five tasks give you 25,000 XP for little effort. Some tasks even have five steps and thus provide you with even more XP. So don’t forget to spend your gold bars.

2. Save the World – Farm Storm Shield Defenses

Fighting zombies brings variety and a lot of XP

What can I do in Save the World? The PvE part of Fortnite is not only varied, but also gives you a lot of Battle Pass XP. You can earn a maximum of 600,000 XP per day from all Zombie Mode activities.

In total, that’s about seven Battle Pass tiers that you can level up. The storm shield defense in the stone forest is worthwhile. Rebuild your bases with traps that will kill your enemies as they spawn. You can do up to level 30 in an hour without lifting a finger.

If you get bored of waiting, you can read a book, cook, or do your homework while your XP rains down.

3. Seasonal and Resistance Quests

Fortnite Quests Seasonal Resistance
These two quests give you a lot of XP for short orders

What are these quests? These are the Season and Resistance quests. They provide you with many tasks that can be completed with little effort. In addition, you will receive multi-part tasks that reward you with either 23,000 XP or 20,000 XP.

If you have completed enough season quests, your bonus goals will be completed automatically, which give 40,000 XP after a certain number of completed tasks.

So if you’ve been ignoring Epic’s quests so far, now would be the best time to do them all in one go.

That’s all the options you have left – the Omega Knights pack in the item shop also gives you 28 extra levels for a corresponding price, but this is purely optional and not every player has the wherewithal for it.

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Do you have any ideas how to boost the Battle Pass just before the end of the world? Let us know in the comments!