Lost Ark: An important dungeon has not been accessible for almost a week

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Many players of Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark have now reached the final tier of content. From an item level of 1340, players can play through the new continent of South Vern here. The associated quest line not only rewards adventurers with some upgrade materials and card packs, but also unlocks some new content and the Chaos Dungeons for item level 1415. That all sounds pretty good, but a frustrating bug has kept players from completing the new continent for almost a week.

Haiger’s Manor still not accessible

As Lost Ark explained on Twitter, there was a fairly serious bug with “Haiger’s Manor,” one of the game’s mini-dungeons, which caused characters to get stuck in an infinite loading screen. These characters could no longer be used after this, unless you reported directly to Amazon Games via a ticket. To prevent more innocent players from being afflicted by this bug, the dungeon has been shut down for maintenance. Since then, however, there have been no updates from Amazon Games, which is why some Players on the official forums of the title are now asking when they can finally complete the quest series.

Of course, this is particularly annoying since the new Chaos Dungeons are tied to this quest line. As a result, some players who have already reached the required item level will miss out on all the new rewards associated with the new dungeons. These include, for example, the new relic accessories, which can potentially be sold for six-figure sums in the game’s auction house.

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At least the Valtan raid can be contested without completing this quest, but the other content of the new continent is still denied. So far there is no news from Amazon when the dungeon will be available again. However, it is quite likely that the dungeon will be accessible again with the weekly maintenance work on Thursday.