Monument Valley 1+2: Out July 12th for the PC – News

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June 1, 2022 – 8:08 p.m — Last updated 55 minutes ago

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The puzzle game Monument Valley appeared in 2014 exclusively for mobile devices with iOS and Android, in 2017 the successor came to the digital stores. However, the days of mobile exclusivity end on July 12th, when both titles will be released for the PC Steam.

The versions known as Panoramic Edition are adapted from the original portrait format of smartphones and tablets to the widescreen and ultrawide resolutions common on the PC. In addition, the developers of ustwo games promise specific features for the PC, such as the marking of interactive objects when touched with the mouse pointer. All content from the mobile versions and extensions should be included.

Both games will be released on Steam, a price has not yet been announced. There should be a discounted package with both parts.

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