Monument Valley: Coming to PC in July

Monument Valley: Coming to PC in July

Developer ustwo games brings Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 to the PC.

Both games will be released on July 12, 2022 as a Panoramic Edition via Steam.

Individually and as a package

You can either buy both games individually or as a Panoramic Collection, saving you 15 percent.

In addition to Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2, the games also include the DLCs Forgotten Shores and Ida’s Dream for part one and The Lost Forest for part two.

For the PC release, both titles have been adjusted to work on larger screens (up to 21:9).

“Some of our longtime fans may be wondering why now?” the developers write. “And that’s a good question. Here at ustwo games, we’ve never stopped loving Monument Valley. It’s so important to who we are and to this day helps us move forward as a studio with unity. What started out as an experiment , quickly grew into something more.”

“Now we’re excited to have the opportunity to open and expand the world of Monument Valley without restrictions. This is the largest, richest, and most beautiful version of Monument Valley you’ll ever play.”

“Thank you to everyone who has played, recommended, shown Monument Valley to their friends and family, and made Monument Valley grow into a world larger than we could have ever imagined. May the world of illusions keeps growing.”

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