MP3 player instead of smartphone: That’s what the community relies on – remembrance

MP3 player instead of smartphone: That's what the community relies on - remembrance

from Stephen Wilke
In the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum, the community members present their hardware equipment in numerous threads. Most of the time, the image threads revolve around components that are built into the PC. The MP3 player picture thread proves that portable multimedia devices are also part of the basic equipment for many PC fans.

The market for dedicated MP3 players may not be as big today as it was in the pre-smartphone era, but there are still reasons to use a specialized player. Depending on the model, the devices are more compact and lighter, more resistant or offer longer battery life or sound quality than ordinary smartphones. Insufficient storage space on a smartphone without the option of expansion can also be a reason to use a separate portable music player. That’s why the picture thread on MP3 players still has a right to exist today. The community member Wauwi presented his Fiio X1 there.

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In the smartphone age, mobile all-rounders are very popular and some community members may find an MP3 player too minimalistic. That could at least be one of the reasons why the MP3 player pics thread on the PCGHX forums last had a lot of pics in 2009. Did the community members just forget about the thread or are MP3 players just “out”? Whatever the answer to this question may be: The picture gallery proves that there is a lot that can be done with mobile playback devices for audio files.

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For example, one user uploaded images in which their MP3 player is presented by Iriver as tasty food. Wannseesprinter, the owner of the MP3 player: “Before that, delicious sliced ​​turkey with mashed potatoes, followed by a load of music for dessert” – who likes it! Do you still use an MP3 player or are you interested in what was carried around in the pockets and backpacks of many community members every day two or three years ago instead of a smartphone? Then it’s worth taking a look in the picture thread in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum: Mp3 player picture thread

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