One Piece: Wano-Arc is paused, mini-arc bridges to the new film

If a new movie in the universe of the pirate epic one piece is published, had to Anime already one time or another take a breakto one mini arc to make way, which builds the bridge to the new screen adventure. According to the latest rumours, that will be this year happen again.

Although the current Arc in the Anime series could hardly be more exciting and there already the long-awaited final battle against two of the emperors of the seas rages, there will probably be a small interruption soon. The reason for this is the movie One Piece: Redwhich will hit theaters in Japan in a few months.

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One Piece: Mini-Arc is set to introduce the One Piece: Red movie

For months now, new information about the movie “One Piece: Red” has been appearing almost every week August 06, 2022 is published in the cinemas. Only recently were hints about the relationship between Emperor Shanks and his daughter Uta revealed which is a reference to the plot of the film give.

So that fans around the world can not only adjust to the new film, but also a few first information about the story received, the anime that is currently in the middle of Wa-no-Kuni Arc located paused for a short period to make way for a mini-arc heavily linked to One Piece: Red.

This mini arc that as Introduction to the cinema adventure may, should be understood in July of this year appear. Exactly how many episodes we can expect is not known at this point, but the film is One Piece: Stampede has already taught us that it is actually just about a short break should act.

However, this information is still about pure hearsaybecause this interruption and the associated ones became official filling successes not yet confirmed. According to the rumors it will only in July 2022 happen, but many fans think the statement is true very realistic.

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For one thing, filler episodes in One Piece are anything but a rarity, for another, von Toei animation Such projects have been implemented many times in the past and it would be much more surprising if it were not the case with “One Piece: Red”. But we probably really know more only next month.

one pieceOne Piece Film Red: Straw Hat Gang Outfits – Battle Costumes released

One Piece: Red – All About Story

Of the 14th motion picture film to the anime series One Piece on the occasion of the 1,000 episode announced in Japan keeps a big secret about the exact plot to this day. All we know is that it’s all about Uta turns, the natural daughter of the Emperor Shankswho is also the great idol of protagonist Monkey D Luffy is.

The girl hers true identity always keeps secret is one popular diva and her singing voice is called not from this world described. When she makes her first public appearance, the venue is filled with pirates, marines and of course the Straw Hat Pirates.

For the event, we’ll be putting the Straw Hats in two completely new outfits get to see. In the course of Jump Festa 2022which took place on December 18th and 19th, 2021 in Japan, the first costumes of the gang, so named, were presented Festival Costumes. These were personally designed by Oda.

One Piece Movie: Red, Luffy's new costume
©Eiichiro Oda/Toei Animation KK

The sketches of the second set, the so-called Battle Costumes, were published on Twitter on March 23, 2022. If you want to see the popular pirate gang fight in these costumes, you have to be patient for a while, because the film has in Europe no official start date yet.

as soon as it new release information of “One Piece: Red” in Germany, we will of course let you know immediately. Until then, fans have no choice but to wait and enjoy the filler episodes.

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