Razer: New apparel collections Genesis and Unleashed released

Razer: New apparel collections Genesis and Unleashed released

from Rhonda Bachman
California-based computer accessories manufacturer Razer has released two new fashion collections. Genesis and Unleashed are intended to complement the company’s gaming and lifestyle products and are all under the motto “For Gamers. By Gamers”.

Razer, the well-known manufacturer of computer accessories, continues to penetrate the fashion and accessories market. Among other things, the company made a name for itself with its Zephyr LED breathing mask, a further development of which has already been announced. However, Razer has also launched fashions, such as the Kanagawa Wave series, made from recycled plastic waste from the world’s oceans.

New fashion collections for gamers

So far, the fashion collections have been strictly limited. Due to the high demand, fans of the brand should now have more opportunities to buy a piece of clothing from Razer with the new Genesis and Unleashed collections. “We take feedback from our community very seriously,” said Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer. “Our fans wanted more Razer apparel as our previous collections sold out too quickly. Now they can expect even more from Razer in the future as we invest more in this segment and have more designers who understand the fashion landscape and our gaming community. “

The Razer Genesis collection should be characterized by the minimalist design and subtle green lines. In addition, the garments feature the three-headed snake logo. The collection consists of a classic t-shirt, shorts, a bucket hat and a bomber jacket with a concealable hood and waterproof zippers.

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The Razer Unleashed collection, on the other hand, is more eye-catching and has oversized prints in the typical Razer green. The fashion range includes an oversized t-shirt, a sweatshirt with pockets and relaxed shorts. It comes with a zip-up hoodie big enough to fit over gaming headsets. Also includes a snapback cap and bucket hat. The two collections are now on the official Razer website available.