Razer presents itself as a Prada for gamers, charging 750 euros for an exclusive case

Cover photo Razer Tumi collection

Razer has introduced a new collection of cases and bags for gamers. This collection was created in cooperation with a fashion label. A corresponding amount of money is required for the bags and cases in the Razer design.

Many manufacturers offer gamers plenty of opportunities to represent themselves to other gamers.

For example, the manufacturer Razer presented a mask for gamers that was supposed to protect the owner from the corona virus. Now Razer has introduced more lifestyle products. This time: A suitcase and bag collection that looks cool, but also costs a lot of money.

Prices for Razer’s exclusive collection start at 175 euros

What kind of collection is this anyway? Razer has teamed up with the Tumi company and together they have designed a collection of bags. Tumi Inc. is an American luggage manufacturer that primarily offers high-priced suitcases, bags and accessories. Anyone looking for Tumi cases on Amazon will quickly pay more than 500 euros.

What’s in the collection? The Razer and Tumi collection consists of a total of 4 items:

  • The laptop sleeve is suitable for laptops up to 15 inches. The price here is 175 euros.
  • The Razer Bozeman Sling Backpack is designed for cables and other gaming accessories that you can quickly sling on your back. The price here is 365 euros.
  • The Razer Finch backpack is said to be particularly suitable for heavy equipment. Here you have to pay 575 euros.
  • The conclusion is the “Razer International Hand Luggage on 4 wheels”, which costs 765 euros. This has a USB-C port to power devices while traveling.

What’s so special about it? Each product features Razer’s signature green color and logo. This is combined with the typical Tumi look. A total of only 1337 units of each of the four articles appear. This number is often used in gaming memes to denote the best players. Razer also seems to be deliberately targeting absolute top players with its price and name.

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When is the Razer Tumi collection coming out? If you are now curious and really want to buy such a suitcase or backpack, you can do so in just a few days. The four articles are scheduled to appear on June 3 (5:00 p.m. CEST). Here is an overview of the products and prices:

  • TUMI | Razer International 4 wheel carry-on (expandable): 765 euros
  • TUMI | Razer Finch backpack – For 15 inch laptop: 575 euros
  • TUMI | Razer Bozeman Sling Backpack: 365 euros
  • TUMI | Razer Laptop Sleeve – For 15 inch laptop: 175 euros

For example, if you want to see what Razer is bringing to the market for direct gaming needs, you can take a closer look at their popular Basilisk V3 mouse:

This is how Razer wants to make its best gaming mouse even better – The Basilisk V3

Not only Razer offers promotions for traveling gamers

Other companies have also discovered gamers as a traveling target group. For example, various hotels have an extensive offer for gamers. A hotel in China offers gamers extensive facilities for gambling. This also includes a gaming PC with RTX 3070 or RTX 3080. After all, gamers shouldn’t have to do without their hobby when they’re on the go:

There’s a dreamy gamer hotel in China where you want to go on vacation