Unreal Engine 5: Matrix Tech Demo runs on virtual windows

Unreal Engine 5: Matrix Tech Demo runs on virtual windows

from Maximilian Hohm
In a new video by the Japanese company Atmoph, the city of the Matrix Awakens Tech Demo was viewed from special perspectives to be used on virtual windows. Therefore, read below about the company’s project and why the Unreal Engine 5 is particularly suitable for such projects.

The Unreal Engine 5 has already been confirmed as the basis for many upcoming games and offers a lot of potential for a very detailed and pretty look while being highly optimized, so that the visual effects can also be displayed by less powerful PCs. A prime example of the engine’s potential is the Matrix Awakens demo, which lets players enjoy the city interactively. There are already several modified versions with superheroes and other creative modifications.

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However, the Japanese company Atmoph has now used the tech demo particularly creatively for its own advertising. The company makes the so-called Atmoph Window Smart Displays, which can display digital content and look deceptively like real windows. For this endeavor, footage from the Matrix Awakens demo was used by in-game photographer Petri Levälahti. In order to be able to ensure a meaningful representation for the virtual windows, only selected perspectives were recorded, which are intended to create such an immersion and reproduce the material in such a way that it could almost be taken for real.

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The developers will particularly benefit from the new features of Unreal Engine 5 such as Lumen, the very detailed ambient lighting and Nanite, a technology for extremely high geometric details. Unfortunately, Atmoph has not yet announced if and when users of their virtual windows will be able to download these animations and selective perspectives.

Source: athmoph & Wccftech