Xiaomi F2 Fire TV on offer at Amazon: also suitable for gamers?

Amazon xiaomi f2 fire tv offer

With the F2 Fire TV, Xiaomi recently launched three inexpensive televisions on Amazon. We tell you what the TVs offer gamers.

Since 30th May available at Amazon the Xiaomi F2 FireTV in three sizes. In addition to the popular operating system, the Chinese manufacturer also wants to come with beautiful images and among other things HDMI2.1 convince. We take a closer look at the models on offer and tell you who the televisions are suitable for.

Directly to the offers at Amazon

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV on Amazon: This is the offer

The models named F2 FireTV have been with since yesterday Amazon available. At the market launch, the televisions are right in the offer landed, including the RRP is comparatively cheap.

Next to the cheap prices attracts above all Amazon’s in-house Fire TV operating system, with which you can easily access all your content and streaming providers. The supplied remote control also has voice control.

4K resolution and HDR10 are also on board, but we have not yet been able to convince ourselves of the image quality. That almost rimless design but it makes a lot, so good decisions were made in the design.

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Also suitable for gamers?

at Amazon advertises xiaomi also offensively with the support of HDMI2.1an important criterion when it comes to whether the television is suitable for the PS5 or Xbox Series X suitable. The consoles can only use such a connection up to 120FPS at full 4K-Output resolution.

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However, the televisions only have one at the same time 60Hz screen, can not show as high FPS at all. the HDMI 2.1 connection at least ensures that the lowest latency is selected when switching to the console. So if you are looking for a new TV for your PS5 or Xbox Series X are, other models offer you clearly more.

For the older consoles, ie PS4 and Xbox One However, the devices should be well suited. Overall, the TVs seem from xiaomi but a good overall package for multimedia fans. fire tv is pre-installed, the price and the features are right.

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