4 totally insane weapons in Elden Ring that will turn every victory over your opponents into an insult

Elden Ring Envoy's Horn

There are hundreds of weapons in the Elden Ring that you can use to smack your opponents on the roof. Here we present 4 weapons that are so bizarre that kills become more than just a moment of success for you. They are also an embarrassing insult to your opponents.

Elden Ring currently has 309 weapons, which we have already sorted and rated for you all in a tier list. Among these weapons are not only strong classics like katanas or big clubs.

Like all FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has a few weird features that you can take advantage of. So if you want to kill your opponents in a particularly humiliating way, you should check out one of these 4 weapons.

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Envoy’s Horn – Just blow the opponents over

  • locality: Farmable Envoy drop in Leyndell or Miquella’s Haligbaum
  • Ranking in our animal list: A rank

The Envoy’s Horn is a weapon for which we have already created our so-called bubble build.

Because although this weapon is actually listed as a hammer, it’s actually a rifle that fires deadly soap bubbles. This is ensured by the unique weapon ability Oracle Bubble.

Your character blows the gun hard once and, in addition to making a weird sound, you also fire an air bubble that can deal extremely high Holy damage.

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There are few more pathetic ways to die than by continuous fire from bubbles. And that’s exactly why this weapon is not only amazingly powerful, but also a lot of fun to use.

Varré’s Bouquet – An eyesore

Elden Ring Varre's bouquet

locality: Drop from NPC Varré or reward at the end of his quest.
Ranking in our animal list: B rank

The Elden Ring didn’t come out until after Valentine’s Day, but you can use this weapon to make very special declarations of love at any time.

Because with this hammer, which looks like a bouquet of red roses, you do heavy bleeding damage. With the unique weapon talent you do a small pirouette, which turns into several quick attacks. Not only does this hurt, it also bleeds the enemy and heals you as well.

It’s not just our hearts that bleed, because Elden Ring doesn’t get any more romantic than that. Bonus points from us in terms of style come from equipping the weapon for the (in a way) soulful end of Ranni’s Quest.

Ghiza’s Wheel – The pizza cutter of death

Elden Ring Ghiza's wheel

locality: Dropped from an intruder NPC on the upper floor of House Vulkan.
Ranking in our animal list: C rank

This absolutely ridiculous weapon in Elden Ring not only looks like a pizza cutter, it actually works like one.

Ghiza’s Rad is a kind of new edition of the probably weirdest weapon in Bloodborne and belongs to the Gigantic Weapons. With normal attacks you swing this oversized pizza cutter, but it gets really fun with the weapon talent.

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This activates the weapon’s saw function, which causes the sharp wheel to turn. So you build up a bleeding on the opponent, which can grow almost endlessly. Unfortunately, the weapon is still not overly powerful because of this. But there isn’t anyone else in the game that saws up enemies like they’re pizza fresh out of the oven.

A totally ridiculous weapon in Elden Ring slices up your enemies like they were pizza

Ringed Finger – “Try Finger, But Hole”

Elden Ring Ringed Finger

locality: Chest in the Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir, at the end of the lava on the left.
Ranking in our animal list: B rank

Ever wanted to swing a gigantic purple finger, crushed by rings way too tight and held by the torn bone? Then Elden Ring has just the right weapon for you: the ringed finger.

This weapon is also officially a hammer, although there is very little resemblance to the traditional tool. Instead, that finger looks like you’ve missed one too many times while hammering in a nail.

With the weapon talent “Claw Snapping” you let this disgusting weapon swell even more, which allows you to concentrate your power. The whole thing culminates in a mighty snap, with which you disrespectfully throw your opponents away as if they were an annoying insect on the picnic blanket.

It gets even more bizarre when you find another copy of this weapon in the New Game+. Now you can use 2 oversized fingers to fiddle wildly and smack your opponents to death. So you can even pretend to be the deity Two Fingers!

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Maybe this weapon is just in the game to add a new dimension to what is perhaps the most popular gag in the Souls community: “Try Finger, But Hole.”

What do you think of these weapons? Have you tried them before? If so, how strong do you actually find them? Tell us in the comments. Also get in touch if you know other weird weapons that you like to use in Elden Ring.

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