Buy PS5 on June 02, 2022 in the ticker – all news, offers and drops

Buy PS5 on June 02, 2022 in the ticker - all news, offers and drops

You can find out where you can buy a PS5 now in the ticker on MeinMMO. Here we show you the dealers and offers for the PlayStation 5 that are now delivering. You can read here if you can buy a PS5 from MediaMarkt, Amazon and Co.

Update June 02, 08:27: Good morning, dear readers.

The new month has already started well! Because, as expected, yesterday there was both an Amazon drop and a sales campaign by Otto.
Accordingly, the two dealers are initially moving out of focus again – it would be very surprising if something were to come from the two again today.
Otherwise, it’s difficult to predict who’s next in line right now.

Nevertheless, we are of course on duty all day today in order to be able to inform you as quickly as possible about all developments regarding the availability of the PS5.

In addition, the so-called Days of Play campaign in the PlayStation Store and with Sony partners will run until June 8, 2022. As part of this campaign, you will receive PlayStation games and accessories at a reduced price.

The following offers from the last few days are still available:

And if you’re also interested in the Xbox Series X, Media Markt and Saturn both have consoles left.

However, we will always inform you here in updates about the latest developments. In addition, your comments have proven to be enormously valuable over the course of the last few waves. So please continue to help diligently and let us and other readers know if the PS5 becomes available somewhere at short notice so that we can include it in the article here.

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