Complaining Nintendo: Soundtracks deleted from YouTube

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Nintendo is once again on the hunt for copyright and this time has chosen another YouTube channel whose efforts to make game music accessible are a thorn in the company’s side. YouTube account DeoxysPrime, which runs a channel with 165,000 subscribers and hosts all manner of video game soundtracks, has removed its entire library of Nintendo music after “a dozen soundtracks were blocked” and receiving over 500 copyright claims from the Mario company are.

Nintendo doesn’t want its own music on YouTube

The songs in the library were not uploads from commercially available albums, but soundtracks from titles such as Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, the Smash series, the Donkey Kong Country games, Wind Waker, the F-Zero series and other Mario games. These are not available anywhere else and come directly from the games themselves. Anyone who likes these unreleased music of Nintendo games found what they were looking for on this channel, but those days are over. In a statement Twitter DeoxysPrime wrote the following:

“Effective immediately, I will be removing all Nintendo music from my channel. With more than 500 claims and a dozen soundtracks banned in the last week, it’s pretty clear they don’t want their music on YouTube. It does I feel sorry for everyone who likes their music, but I have no other choice.

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I have no plans to delete my channel and the rest of my non-Nintendo soundtracks will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. It’s frustrating, but like I said before, it’s ultimately your choice to block your music on the platform.

Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to have Nintendo music on YouTube. So many of these soundtracks have never received an official release. But like channels bigger than mine, those that take their place will eventually end up like this.”

When will Nintendo finally release all game soundtracks?

Even if DeoxysPrime can understand why the videos on the channel had to be removed for copyright reasons, the operator sees no reason why these soundtracks are not officially released for sale, after all there is a demand. Therefore, the operator of the channel called on his community to continue to urge Nintendo to to publish their complete music library.