Diablo Immortal: Blizzard on future plans and what content is available for solo players

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard on future plans and what content is available for solo players

How is Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal structured compared to classic games in the series and what are the future plans for the new part? And how much of it can you even play alone?

The studio provided answers to these questions during a group interview last week.

No classic acts

According to Principle Game Designer Joe Grubb, Diablo Immortal does not rely on acts, but on zones. These each offer you a story and dungeons as you explore them. At the same time, the game is prepared for a future expansion.

“We built the game systems from the ground up with expansion in mind,” he explains. This allows us to add new raid bosses to the game on a regular basis. We experimented with this successfully in the beta. The zones and the main story are built in such a way that we can expand and add new zones, keep the story alive, add new dungeons.”

“It contains a variety of tools that we can tweak and adjust in the future. And our event system also allows for last-minute changes. As it’s primarily a mobile game, we didn’t want to have long pauses between new content in Immortal. So we’re asking ourselves, what’s happening next week, what’s happening in two weeks time, the Battle Pass is moving in a new month, then there’s regular content updates coming in the long term, and eventually new classes, so it’s all been built around us from the act structure of the Seasons in order to be able to offer this content regularly and free of charge in the future.”

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Diablo Immortal endgame content

An MMO also includes endgame content. What does Diablo Immortal have to offer in this regard? About the Paragon system, in which you rise, which also affects monsters and prey. There is a raid dungeon for eight players. Once you have defeated it, further levels of difficulty await you. As mentioned, new bosses will be added over time and there is the PvP mode Cycle of Strife.

You are able to found clans and compete with others. You are literally fighting for dominance on the server. You can do bounty hunts, fill the bestiary, complete challenges.

Franchise General Manager Rod Fergusson adds that you don’t want to rely on classic structures. New content should be delivered more dynamically.

“It’s going to be exciting to have new dungeons, new raid bosses, new character classes, and new zones that expand the story. As I said, the plan is to support this game for years to come. And I know I’ve said it before , but I just want to make it clear that all of this will be free. As Joe said, you will be able to experience everything the game has to offer for free. It will continue to be so after launch.”

How much you can play alone

As for solo content in Diablo Immortal, according to Grubb, you can play the entire main quest solo if you wish. If you want, you can also take other players with you. Just the way you want it.

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At the same time, of course, it’s an MMO, so there are different social systems, including the clans mentioned. There are also random elements in the world that you will come across that you may need the help of other players with. It is also possible to join a clan and never enter the battlefield. You can also be of value to your clan in a “very unique way,” he says.

By this he means different activities that ultimately contribute to a larger whole. There are many such synchronous and asynchronous activities in Diablo Immortal.

“Some people who really enjoy Diablo might say, ‘Oh, it’s an MMO, it’s too social for me.'” Fergusson adds. “It’s really up to the players how they want to get involved. I like the way the social aspects are seamlessly integrated. When you want to do a dungeon and it’s kind of like asking at the entrance: Hey, do you want to change the difficulty, um get more rewards? And hey, do you want to see if anyone else wants to join you? This moment is great because it’s all optional. I can choose to try it alone, but I can bring others and the difficulty keep increasing and get even more rewards.”

This in turn could result in acquaintances or friendships. Or not.

Diablo Immortal is out today for PC, iOS and Android.

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