Diablo Immortal: change class at any time – is it really that easy?

Diablo Immortal: change class at any time - is it really that easy?

In Diablo Immortal you don’t commit yourself to a class, as is often the case in MMOs. You will be able to change classes easily. However, there are a few things to consider. MeinMMO explains the feature to you.

What is this feature? Several weeks before the release, Blizzard announced that Diablo Immortal would offer a class change. The feature is quite easy to explain: if you don’t like your current class, simply play a different one.

You won’t lose any progress in the campaign or levels, you can just pick up where you left off. Just with a different class. As a reminder, there will be classes with special abilities at Release 6, and more to come.

Can I already use this for release? no Surprisingly, Diablo Immortal is playable a day earlier, but the feature will only come after the release. It is part of the content to be released at a later date.

Wyatt Cheng and Peiwen Yao told us in an interview about the future of Diablo Immortal that the class change will come in an update after launch. Exactly when has not yet been revealed. It’s part of the longstanding support for the MMO.

In an interview with the bosses, we got more information about the class change. Because it’s not as easy as many think it is.

Want to see how Diablo Immortal looks in endgame? Here are new pictures of the last zone and the last dungeon of the MMO:

New gameplay for the last area from Diablo Immortal – No player has been here before

Change classes in Diablo Immortal – you have to pay attention to that

Does the class change cost me anything?

No, according to current information, the class change will be free of charge.

Do I keep all my progress?

For the most part yes. Tiers, Paragon, and Legendary Gems carry over. but not equipment. You’ll get a starter set for the new class, but you’ll have to farm new legendaries and sets.

Can I also switch to new classes?

Probably yes. The team still has to decide. We’ll keep you posted when we know more.

Now that Diablo Immortal is out, you can finally see the game for yourself and assess which class interests you the most. You can also take a look at the shop, which caused a great deal of controversy and discussion beforehand.

Content such as the class change, the shop and other features are subject to constant monitoring. The developers have already told us that Diablo Immortal will continue to evolve as a living game based on player feedback. So things may change in the future. In my previous test, I took a closer look at the shop:

I played Diablo Immortal for 15 hours without spending any money – how important is the shop?