Diablo Immortal offers accessibility options that may also be of interest to you

You can customize the adventure to suit your individual needs.

You can customize the adventure to suit your individual needs.

Starting today, it’s time to shred and loot again when Diablo Immortal is released for iOS, Android and PC. To ensure that this works properly and that everyone can really have fun, the Slasher will be released with a whole range of accessibility options. That gave Blizzard in one blog post known, which presents the individual functions in more detail.

All important information about the launch can be found here:

Everything about Release + Preload


Diablo Immortal

Everything about Release & Preload

These are the accessibility options for Diablo Immortal

Steering: We already know that we can use controllers on mobile devices as well as on PC – including a DualSense or an Xbox gamepad. These should be immediately recognized by Diablo Immortal as soon as they have been connected. You can then adjust many of the buttons in the options to find the ideal control for you. You can even enable a free cursor that makes the analog stick work like a mouse.

Chat: Communication is important in a co-op game, so Blizzard has come up with some interesting options for chat. You can adjust the text size of messages, a feature that shouldn’t be underestimated in a mobile title. The text-to-voice and voice-to-text options are also particularly helpful:

  • Voice to Text: If you are unable or unwilling to join a voice chat, the game will translate your voice into a text message. However, the message can still be adjusted beforehand.
  • Text to Voice: But it also works the other way around. You can have selected messages or notifications read aloud in Diablo Immortal. This way you won’t be unnecessarily distracted during fights.
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And this is what it looks like in action:

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Graphic: Diablo Immortal will of course take us to darker places again. So that we can still keep track of things in the dungeons, there will be a slider that lets us adjust the brightness. A contrast setting and an option for color-blind people will follow soon.

Diablo Immortal now also for PC - What has changed since the reveal?


Diablo Immortal now also for PC – What has changed since the reveal?

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This is how it goes on: Blizzard promises us more accessibility features at the end of the blog post. The fans should give the studio proper feedback so that those responsible know where there are still problems. There’s even one of your own research pagewhere you can register and actively contribute to Diablo Immortal.