Drachenlord: Probation legally binding – YouTuber remains free

dragon lord: "Chased out of the village!" - Haters should storm the neighbors' village festival (1)

There he has controversial YouTuber, streamer and internet star Rainer W., known as the Dragonlord, once again lucky: The public prosecutor’s office has withdrawn the appeal against the court’s verdict from March. At that time, Rainer W. was sentenced to twelve months in the appeal process, albeit on probation. In the original trial last October, the judgment of the Nuremberg-Fürth district court was two years, namely actual imprisonment. How did that happen? Change of heart at the chief prosecutor, who demanded a much harsher sentence for the dragon lord until the very end?

More crimes in the “Dragon Game”?

It will other crimes on both sides – the prosecutor was sure of that in March, when the dragon lord with a much lighter punishment got away with it than at the actual trial a few months earlier.

That’s why she laid appeal against the judgment a. This means that the entire process is checked again for errors by another entity. If the revision is granted, the case will be reopened and completely negotiated again.

But that didn’t happen in the first place, because Nuremberg’s chief public prosecutor, Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke, announced on Tuesday that she had withdrawn her appeal against the Drachenlord verdict. Why?

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Therefore the revision was withdrawn

Actually, the public prosecutor’s office still demanded two years and three months imprisonment for the dragon lord. After a thorough examination of the written reasons for the judgment, however, one had now come to the conclusion that a Revision would not be worthwhile.