I didn’t think Diablo Immortal would survive the first hour. Surprise. i still play

I didn't think Diablo Immortal would survive the first hour.  Surprise.  i still play

To say that I was skeptical about installing Diablo Immortal would be a conservative phrase. I was expecting pretty much nothing, especially after looking at another Blizzard Mobile project. Well, that’s not true. I expected it to boil my phone and after an hour bored from the game I’d switch back to my go-to: Final Fantasy – Brave Exvius. Now, after five or six hours of Diablo Immortal now… Sorry Brave Exvius, you have to wait a little longer. Glad today is your update day! Because the short and most important statement so far is that Diablo Immortal, only played on a Pixel 6 and not on the PC, is really, really good. So really, really good. No big relativization – okay, the connection to Battle.net didn’t want to work yesterday, but worked today without any problems. But otherwise: all in butter.

Eivor, is it you…? What are you doing in Diablo Immortal?

The first hour or two in particular feels perfectly like Diablo. Through and through. Sure, the crop is zoomed in a bit, the level of detail is on par with part three for the Switch, but the look is perfect, the soundtrack is well-known in style, the monsters are beautifully undead, and above all, the controls are fantastic! I wouldn’t have thought it, I’m usually really not a fan of on-screen touch controls, but here everything has been so discreetly and at the same time ideally distributed that I don’t even reach for the seven symbols for attack, specials and healing on the right. Even under fire from the ancient portal guardian or whatever the current boss calls himself, every move is spot on. My plan was actually to start on the PC and then have a look on the cell phone, but no. I guess I’ll get stuck on the small screen for a while.

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Runs perfectly even in the thickest mob. Technically, Diablo Immortal is also impressive on mid-range phones.

The lore of it all runs deep within the Diablo universe. Deckard Cain is a name that even tells me something, the worlds are familiar, they’re new stories in a known universe. This shows that Blizzard is serious and didn’t want to knock out a trivialized mobile version with cuddly characters, but already has the Diablo crowd in mind. If she is on the go with the controller, there should be practically no adjustment time. For those who usually go out with a mouse and keyboard, well, we all have to adapt a little sometimes. Or install Diablo Immortal on the PC. After a few hours, I’m still pretty much at the beginning of everything. After the first story dungeons you will slowly be released into the MMO part. You get to know the options for equipment – ​​partially optimized for paying customers – where you can find optional dungeons, how you start raids with groups and so on. None of this has to bother the solo player much at the start, you can go through practically everywhere on your own, even if that should certainly subside as with the big brother Diablo 3.

This is where it gets MMO-ish: you see many other players, especially in the city.

In the areas around the villages and towns, other players are automatically on the move, with whom you can spontaneously throw yourself at randomly popping up elites, because a little extra loot never hurts. Basically, these are just the ways to the story dungeons, which you should then play solo. At least that’s the rhythm in this early game phase. Later, as with almost all games, it will probably be the case that you hang around less in the world and concentrate on event and similar dungeons to graze the endgame. But I’m still far, far away from that. I’m playing Diablo Immortal on a Google Pixel 6, by the way. Not exactly a high-end gaming phone. But thanks to numerous settings for the optics, including the 60-frame option, everything runs perfectly and that should certainly still be the case on significantly weaker cell phones. Not to mention the “Ultra” options for those who have too much money for cell phones. Background download streaming is also impressive. I have a fairly fast 5G connection with a flat rate, I should say, but at no point did I get a “sorry, pause, I have to load something” screen. Sure, in the top corner it was constantly shown that something was loading and there is also a possibility in the options to do this directly, but when playing, the game always had everything that was needed at hand. And since the first rush to link accounts has now subsided: Diablo Immortal is running.

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Let’s see how important the shop will be in the back, but so far I haven’t had much reason to visit it. But if Diablo Immortal stays that good, then I have no problem leaving a euro there now and then.

Of course, this is only a short, first trip. The first hours in a game that wants to be designed for hundreds of them and whose payment options have hardly been shown so far. Above all, their necessities and temptations are still in the dark. In the first phase, however, the game wants nothing from you except that you have real Diablo fun. Diablo Immortal gives you that and not too tight. Sure, my expectations play a little part, because they were very low and I’ve gotten a lot so far. If you were expecting Diablo 4, you might have to be patient. Diablo Immortal is the (so far) successful adaptation of the well-known formula on the small screen into a new game, the first impression of which could hardly have been better.