Lost Ark: Update comes today with 5 hours of server down and bug fixes – One serious bug remains

Lost Ark bringt heute Bugfixes und neue EU-Server – Alles zur Wartung und dem Server down

The weekly update in Lost Ark today, June 2nd, brings mainly bug fixes. A long-awaited improvement finally arrives, while an annoying bug continues to terrorize the MMORPG. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What’s in the update? Today’s update on Thursday June 2nd is mostly focused on bug fixes. There is also an exciting change to the Chaos Dungeons rewards. In addition, minor adjustments are waiting for you. For example, the range of the golden cloud as a mount has been reset to the original distance.

Unfortunately, Lost Ark is also badly in need of bug fixes at the moment. Because there is currently a serious error going through the MMORPG, which means that your mouse literally sticks to the user interface. If this happens to you, you can neither walk nor really attack and are thus trapped until you restart the game.

There is no fix for this error in today’s update either. The developers let us know that they are working to fix this bug, but it remains in the game for now.

Lost Ark shows the dangerous creatures and bosses that you can now fight in the new update

The highlights of the update:

  • Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash in the South Vern story dungeon. You can finally continue playing the story
  • Items you purchase from the Chaos Dungeon barter are now bound to your character rather than your roster. But the currency you need for shopping will no longer be character-related, but squad-related
  • After several months, the clock in the Adventure Islands timer menu is finally showing the correct time
  • When playing with the controller, you no longer accidentally trigger your ultimate when you just want to ping

Server down until probably 2 p.m

When is the server status offline? The weekly update will start, as you are used to, at 9:00 a.m. local time. It’s supposed to last about 5 hours this week. Accordingly, from 2 p.m. you can return to the world of Arkesia and loot diligently.

We’ll keep you updated on this article and update it as soon as something changes or the servers are back.

However, you should not receive too large a download with the updates, and we will continue to update the article for you to that effect.

All patch notes

  • Fixed the issue that caused the client to become unresponsive when loading Haiger’s Manor or Rielvarr Ruins. The areas are freely accessible again.
  • Chaos Dungeon barter vendor rewards are now bound to character. Shards you earn in Chaos Dungeons are roster-bound, so you can share them with other characters in your roster to redeem rewards for other characters.
  • The issue where the “Plain Horn Goggles” appeared in the color white if you equipped them with “Chest Armor & Pants Skin: Cunning Dawn” at the same time is no longer present.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message to appear when trying to load an older preset in the character creation menu. If the problem persists, you can navigate to the folder containing the customization files (located under Lost Ark LiveEFGameCustomizing) and change the file extension of any saved presets from “.cus.bak” to “.cus” to fix the error to fix.
  • Chimek, an NPC from Wildwing Island, no longer appears in the “Naruna Hot Springs”.
  • The displayed timers in the Adventure Island menu are no longer based on UTC time in all regions.
  • The issue that occurs in various endgame dungeons and raids when you used the Korean VO DLC is no longer in the game.
  • The number of entries remaining is now correctly displayed in the integrated dungeon menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Awaken skill to trigger when using the smart ping feature on a controller. Smart Ping can be triggered by pressing A, B, X, or Y while simultaneously holding LB + LT + RB + RT.
  • Reverted the sprint distance changes for Mount: Luminous Cloud of Gold. The cooldown for the sprint remains at 5 seconds.
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In addition, the team is still working on the following fixes:

  • This maintenance break introduces a potential fix for island siege timing; we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as the build is live.
  • UI elements (e.g. items) can still get stuck on the player’s cursor in various situations.
  • Players on the Vykas server cannot make donations to a guild.