MontanaBlack: Twitch streamer appeals to Ron Bielecki: “Go to therapy”

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MontanaBlack pissed off – he talks alcohol and YouTuber Ron Bielecki on Twitch. The streamer suggested therapy for the controversial party-goer.

Buxtehude, Germany – MontanaBlack has broken some addictions. In addition to drugs such as marijuana or cocaine, alcohol is also one of the substances that today’s twitch streamer consumed in excess in his youth. In a recent Twitch livestream, MontanaBlack spoke about drinking and partying YouTuber Ron Bielecki. The 34-year-old recommended that he go into therapy.

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude, Lower Saxony
Followers on Twitch 4.5 million (as of May 2022)
Followers on YouTube 2.9 million (as of May 2022)

MontanaBlack: Twitch streamer loses old pal to alcohol addiction

MontanaBlack’s friend died: In a recent Twitch livestream, MontanaBlack revealed a dark tragedy to its viewers. An old friend of the streamer has passed away. MontanaBlack knew the person from his days as a graffiti sprayer.

Although MontanaBlack was not in regular contact with his old friend, the death of the 40-year-old took him particularly hard for one reason. The deceased was heavily dependent on alcohol. Apparently this has been the case for years. About three weeks ago, the 40-year-old wrote to his friend MontanaBlack asking the streamer for help.

MontanaBlack did not respond to this call for help. It is particularly tragic how the Twitch streamer found out about the death of his former companion. A deceased sprayer was remembered in an Instagram story. When MontanaBlack saw the accompanying graffiti, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

MontanaBlack: Twitch streamer on Ron Bielecki: “Go into therapy”

© DPA: Philipp Schulze / Instagram: Ron Bielecki

MontanaBlack and his addiction: MontanaBlack himself now wonders if there was anything he could have done for the deceased to avert his fate. In his live stream, the 34-year-old spoke about the fact that he himself had been a dry alcoholic for 10 years. Ultimately, according to the streamer, the deceased himself was responsible for his situation.

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MontanaBlack: Ron Bielecki Becomes Internet Phenomenon – Twitch Streamer Recommends Therapy

Ron Bielecki sets dangerous trends: Hardly any YouTuber has gone through the roof as much as Ron Bielecki in recent months. The former fitness model now has a reputation as a party monster. In his vlogs, the 23-year-old is always seen with one or more bottles of alcohol in his hand. After a night of partying, going to the toilet is often the only way out. MontanaBlack was disgusted by this dentist’s toilet.

MontanaBlack is extremely critical of Ron Bielecki’s YouTube career. “Ron’s a straight guy, I like him. But it’s obvious to see that he has a drinking problem.” MontanaBlack accuses Ron Bielecki of not being able to handle the bottle. This accusation is no accident. If you take a look at the Youtube channel by Ron Bielecki, it’s going to be hard to find a video of him sober.

“As a dry alcoholic, I can see how bloated Ron’s face is. I can see that on his face,” MontanaBlack said of Ron’s appearance. A trend set by Ron Bielecki is the so-called tornado. You crank the bottle before you drink it up in one gulp. “Rather than being criticized for it […], he is celebrated for it. That shows how wrong the perception of alcohol is.”

Ron Bielecki in therapy? For MontanaBlack itself, alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs and should be banned. He gives his YouTube colleague Ron Bielecki one more piece of important advice. “Get therapy!” Said the Twitch streamer. A recent night in Dubai, in which Ron Bielecki squandered 30,000 euros, showed that the YouTuber may not have his consumption under control.

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List of rubrics: © DPA: Philipp Schulze / Instagram: Ron Bielecki