Peridot: Your pet reacts to the environment in AR

Peridot: The On-The-Go Tamagotchi shall "without guilt" be playable (1)

from Susan Brown
The biggest feature of augmented reality is that reality is augmented with something virtual. What if augmented reality recognizes what is seen in reality and reacts to it? A funny video from the beta shows that this is the case in Niantic’s new AR game Peridot.

Augmented Reality is there not to change your real world but to enrich it, and so is Niantic’s AR games. Depending on the current state of technology, however, it is a long way from “we add something to reality” to “this something also fits into this reality”. With Pokémon Go, despite all the cute, animated cinematic sequences, the pocket monsters were simply planted in the area via AR mode and that’s it.

Hardly surprising, because in Pokémon Go there’s hardly any interaction on the move with the pocket monsters. For example, if you take a Mon out of the Poké Ball for a snapshot, it will remain where you summoned it, even if the GPS detects that your position has changed. It will be different in Niantic’s new game Peridot, because your virtual pet accompanies you in AR mode if you wish – and reacts to the environment.