Players in Destiny 2 hate an Iron Banner PvP mode – even threaten the staff

Players in Destiny 2 hate an Iron Banner PvP mode - even threaten the staff

The Weekly Reset brought Destiny 2’s Iron Banner event rework and the Rift PvP mode. After an already weak start to the current Season 17, the guardians were hoping for a breath of fresh air. But when that didn’t happen, the frustration caused some extremely angry reactions from some players. MyMMO tells you what happened.

What has the community criticized? After just a few matches in “Rift”, it was clear to many: That’s no fun! PvP would play worse than control or other activities that used to be part of Iron Banner.

Some players were correspondingly frustrated and angry. Others, however, shared potential improvements with Bungie, such as:

  • The black loading screen when teams are ported to the starting point
  • A missing match meter between rounds showing your own performance
  • The number of rounds currently being played in Rift mode
  • Bugs causing the spark not to spawn and making the game impossible
  • As well as information about challenges that was difficult to understand, which caused confusion

The Destiny 2 community managers took to Twitter and reddit, as well on the official Bungie forums the hints of the guardians, inquired about further points of criticism, answered questions and also gave helpful tips.

Including not only Dylan “dmg04” Gafner, the senior community manager, but also Liana “Hippy” Ruppert, Bungie’s newest community manager.

Liana “Hippy” Ruppert, Bungie’s newest Community Manager (Image: Twitter)

Player frustration turns into pure hate: But what was initially just pure criticism of a gameplay mode later turned into insults and the worst hostilities towards Bungie and its employees.

This became known when Liana “Hippy” Ruppert, on twitter faced the consequences of the physical threats against her. She reports threats and “honestly disgusting” insults.

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Obviously, at this point, parts of the Destiny 2 community had already clearly crossed the line between constructive criticism of a game and pure hatred through personal frustration and anger.

After the community manager’s post, it was understandable that many Destiny 2 players felt the need to openly distance themselves from the behavior of such toxic threats.

As does the player wtfixur who tweets:

The people who work hard to make our favorite games deserve respect, and those who support players even more so. It’s perfectly acceptable to have complaints about the game: however, address them in a respectful manner through the proper channels. Separate [Personen] Attacking is NEVER okay.

posted wtfixur via twitter

And the Destiny 2 player PDark also comments questioningly on Twitter:

The sheer rage that people can evoke in the face of… bugs in a video game that burns so bright and hot that it needs to be directed at the staff of that game is unbelievable. Just how do they do it? How can they get so angry and toxic?

posts PDark on twitter

Threats are a problem in many gaming communities

#Besser – Threats make little sense when constructive criticism is required.

Some players have been dissatisfied with Bungie and the content provided in Destiny 2 for a long time. Your criticism does not only refer to the currently available content and the activities of the current Season 17, which are disappointing for some keepers.

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The incident also shows an ever-growing problem in the gaming community that has existed for years: Both game developers and their employees often have to accept personal insults, hostility or even threats in their work.

Frustrations are one thing, but the current discourse about the new Rift mode couldn’t be further from being productive.

User First put it aptly.

MeinMMO also drew attention to this increasing problem in gaming in 2018. According to our MeinMMO author Cortyn, some players need to remember that developers and community managers are human too, trying to do their best at work.

Game developers are fed up – and it’s our fault!

What’s next for Rift mode? Bungie has already announced that it will address the above and other player criticisms of Iron Banner and the Rift PvP mode as soon as possible.

Dylan Gafner (dmg04), Senior Community Manager, also wrote on Twitter: “We listen” is always the first step when it comes to feedback.”

Bungie wants to use the next few days until the weekly reset on June 7th to follow the constructive and further feedback from the players while working on the already known problems.

The community manager also points out that the newly integrated Rift mode will have a “learning curve” in Destiny 2 and “defeating enemies is just a small piece of the puzzle.”

What do you say to the hate of the community? Do you guys join and Destiny 2 isn’t a place you want to be? Or do you believe in the Destiny universe and trust that Bungie will find workable solutions for the players and that abysmal hatred makes no sense? We would love to read your opinions on this topic in the comments.

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