Scalper allegedly makes a loss of 21,000 euros with graphics cards – what is really behind it?

Scalper allegedly makes a loss of 21,000 euros with graphics cards - what is really behind it?

Users are currently discussing a scalper. Because the reseller is said to have lost thousands of euros through graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia. But what is really behind it?

A video has now attracted a lot of attention. Because here a scalper (or reseller) explained that he had allegedly lost more than 23,000 US dollars (about 21,500 euros) with graphics cards. However, the reactions of the community are surprisingly different.

We explain to you what is behind it and what is behind the alleged losses of the scalper.

A video on TikTok divides the community – real or fake?

what is this video on reddit a nearly 20-second video was posted by TikTok. Here an alleged scalper shows how he has dozens of graphics cards from different manufacturers in a large cardboard box. In several text overlays he explains that he has already made a loss of 23,000 US dollars with graphics cards.

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These are the reactions to the video: The first reactions are very clear: Many users show their contempt for scalpers more than clearly and explain that this guy doesn’t deserve better.

Also the title of the thread “This is what you fucking get” speaks a clear language. For many people, the scalpers are the reason why gamers could hardly buy graphics cards.

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However, some users consider the video to be fake. Because there are several indications that it cannot be a real scalper who reports his suffering in the video:

  • Real scalpers wouldn’t stack graphics cards in a cardboard box and take them out of their original packaging like that. Because that would reduce the value of the graphics card that you want to sell
  • A reseller would probably not call themselves “GPU_Scalper” on TikTok. After all, very few of these people would describe themselves as “scalpers” since the term has only negative connotations.
  • Some even speculate that this is more of a mining professional who must have dismantled his mining rig. This is also supported by some very old graphics cards in the box.

However, the general reaction to the video shows very clearly that gamers think very little of scalpers and that resellers were able to benefit greatly from various tricks. And if we look at the current market situation, you realize that there is at least a kernel of truth in the video.

You can read how much our readers are willing to pay for a graphics card in the following article:

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Graphics card prices are at their lowest in years

What’s behind the losses? Graphics card prices have been falling significantly for months. You are currently paying less than ever for the current top graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia and the graphics cards are also readily available.

  • For an RTX 3080 you still had to pay almost 1400 euros in December 2021. In June 2022 you already pay between 700 and 900 euros, depending on the provider.
  • In December 2021 you still had to pay around 950 for an RX 6700 XT. In June 2022 you still pay around 500 euros for AMD’s middle class.
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The trend is clear: hardware prices are falling significantly because graphics cards are now readily available. It is therefore not unlikely that scalpers who have bought many graphics cards are now left with their goods.

Because why should customers buy graphics cards for thousands of euros from scalpers when they can get the hardware for half the money in the original packaging and with an invoice and guarantee?

For many users it is therefore clear: the wait was worth it, since the prices are finally falling. And the scalpers get what they deserve, in their eyes.

how do you see it? Have you already bought new hardware or have you been waiting for graphics cards and processors to finally be available again at recommended retail prices? Tell us in the comments.

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