Twitch Streamer Says She’s Sexualizing to Profit and “Take Back the Power”

Streamer Amouranth no longer wants to be an e-girl, announces big change on Twitch

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. She is usually quite revealing in her live streams and probably for a reason: To “take back the power”. MeinMMO reported.

Who is the streamer?

  • Amouranth is one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. It has generated over 5.4 million followers so far and has an average of almost 8,000 viewers. Furthermore, she currently has about 11,000 subscribers.
  • If someone donates a certain sum or gives away said subscriptions, the 28-year-old honors them in a special way: either she writes the username on her body or on visible objects in the stream.
  • Siragusa is best known for her libertine, pool and ASMR streams. She likes to rub herself on microphones or lick them off to convey a pleasant feeling to her viewers.
  • Now, in an interview with Twitch streamer RollingStone, she revealed that she’s sexualizing herself because “boys do that to you anyway” (via Twitter). Amouranth could then benefit from it immediately.

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Amouranth Says Streaming Is a Way to ‘Take Back the Power’

What was the interview about? The interview was about what it’s like to be a streamer. Just after some of them reported threats, stalking and harassment that they didn’t even dare to go to TwitchCon anymore.

What did Amouranth say? Siragusa revealed that she was always sexualized even before her Twitch career. It doesn’t matter whether she went shopping in the supermarket or went for a walk.

She also shared that she was also harassed when she streamed on the go. The men probably didn’t know that she was live and followed her to various shops. They allegedly took pictures of her leaning over a shelf.

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Amouranth said her stream is an opportunity for her to “take back the power” and not always be a “victim” of sexualization as she consciously chooses to present herself that way. You can also make a profit with it.

“You know what? If guys are going to do that to you anyway, no matter what you do, then you might as well just do the sack,” Siragusa said, implying that by doing so, she can get the money from them.

In contrast, however, the Twitch streamer announced that she no longer wants to be an e-girl: Streamer Amouranth no longer wants to be an e-girl, announces big change on Twitch