Viewer pays Twitch streamer €1870 to play Valorant with her – triggers discussion

Viewer pays Twitch streamer €1870 to play Valorant with her - triggers discussion

The influencer and Twitch streamer Poutyrin triggers a discussion on Twitter. She says a viewer offered her $2,000 (€1,870) to play Valorant with her. She actually meant it as a joke, but the money was transferred.

Who is the streamer?

  • Poutyrin is a small streamer on Twitch: she has around 1000 followers there. When she streams, almost 20 people watch her.
  • She hasn’t been very active on Twitch in the last few months. If she plays, then Riot’s shooter Valoant, that’s obviously her game.
  • According to the streamer, she is 20 years old and active on social media. She posts photos on Instagram, is on Twitter and Discord.

Twitch: One of the most popular clips shows a sugar-sweet shock moment

Twitch: One of the most popular clips shows a sugar-sweet shock moment

Spectator immediately puts money into play to play “with goddess”.

This is how the offer came about: Poutyrin posted a tweet on May 29 showing her holding a smartphone. She wrote: “Stream Valorant to me on Discord”. So there was no talk of money on their part. (via twitter)

She says: After this tweet, someone wrote to her anonymously on Discord. The person saw the tweet and immediately offered to pay her money if she “played a few games” with him.

The streamer then asked how much.

When asked how much she wanted, she replied, “2000,” with an abbreviation meant to signal that it was just a joke. But the viewer immediately accepted. It’s worth the money if he can play with a “goddess”.

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In fact, the transfer of $2000 to “My goddess to play with me” came straight away.

Streamer says: Women have it easier on Twitch, but one big disadvantage

Here’s the discussion about it: The tweet showing the conversation now has over 122,000 “likes” and more than 2,000 comments. You can see that this is a topic that occupies a lot of people.

The viewer who pays is seen as a “simp”: This is what men are called who have succumbed to an influencer and will do anything to attract her attention and goodwill. It’s a derogatory term that portrays such men as idiots and streamers as someone who takes advantage of such people.

It is therefore discussed in detail what kind of person the viewer has to be in order to make such an offer.

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The tweet sparked a heated discussion.

There is also discussion that women supposedly have it easier than men, but this is sharply contradicted:

  • One user says, “If I had a vagina, I’d be endlessly rich.”
  • But others say: “No, you would be broke. Why do you think you’d be better off if you had our problems”

It is then discussed whether women play their lives on an “easy level of difficulty” or on a hard one.

Poutyrin himself largely stays out of the discussions. When someone told her that for the $2000 the viewer had to get “the gaming experience” of a lifetime, she only replied: “I’ll go negative every round” – ie dying more often than getting kills yourself.

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Should the streamer accept the money or not?

This is the question that arises: One question that has been the subject of controversy is whether or not the streamer should accept the money.

  • One user says: “It is wrong to accept the money. Give him the money back and just play with him like that. It won’t hurt you.”
  • Another user says: “Why should she be wrong. If someone offers me or you $2000 to do something, you do it – it’s as simple as that. He’s the one who sets the price. She didn’t force him to do anything.”

We also give you MeinMMO the opportunity to express your opinion on the question – you only have one vote:

The discussion that is being held here has been raging about streamers and influencers in gaming for years. The most successful woman on Twitch, Amouranth, is often accused of being so successful just because of her looks:

Streamer responds to “As a girl on Twitch, being pretty is enough”

The cover photo is from Poutyrin’s Twitter account.