WoW: bug or feature? Trade gold and items across factions via mail

MMORE 07/2022: Great!  Someone can predict the WoW lore future!

from Sebastian Glanzer
After the launch of patch 9.2.5, players in WoW Shadowlands are finding more and more bugs, but also undocumented features. We have listed some of them for you here. It should be emphasized that thanks to playing across factions, you can apparently send gold and items to your characters across factions without any problems.

Patch 9.2.5 of WoW Shadowlands went live in Europe yesterday, June 1, 2022, implementing what is arguably the most groundbreaking feature in Blizzard’s online role-playing game in a long time: Cross faction play. Horde and Alliance are still hostile, but can group for instanced content like Mythic Plus dungeons.

As usual, there will be one or two bugs in the game on patch day and shortly thereafter. For example, DoT classes had to deal with a problem that has now been fixed, which undermined the pandemic mechanics. There are also some undocumented changes that are not included in the Patch Notes for Patch 9.2.5 of WoW Shadowlands stand. For example, thanks to cross-faction play, players can now also send gold and items to characters of the opposite faction if they are on the same account. As with all subsequent undocumented changes However, one has to ask oneself whether this is really a new feature or an undocumented bug.

Undocumented changes from WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5

  • You can now eject Pocopoc from automata that have been taken over
  • You can trade items and gold across factions if the characters are on the same account
  • The health totals of some boss minions like that containment cell from Tazavesh Boss Zo’phex now scale with the level of the Mythic Plus Keystone
  • The Oribos skybox appears to have returned to its original state (before Dentharius’ betrayal). The Maw is now just a small yellow vortex.
  • The crossbow Xy Cartel Captain’s Crossbow has been slightly adjusted visually
  • The right shoulder part of the Tomb of Sargeras hunter mythical animal set has been visually adjusted
  • stone soup cauldron no longer displays the cooking progress above the item
  • Removed the green glow under the current Keystone Master mount
  • Proto-Drake walking animation should now display properly again
  • Some two-handed weapons are now held differently by characters.